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50 Years of Growth at Johnson Investment Counsel

For half a century, clients have turned to Tim Johnson and the firm he founded for honest, objective, long-term focused counsel.
Tue, Apr 14, 2015

Retirement Distributions: A Menu of Choices

When it comes to choosing a retirement account and the appropriate distribution type for your lifestyle, there are innumerable details to remember. Don't worry, our friendly financial folks over at John Dovich & Associates have you covered.
Thu, Mar 19, 2015

Building a Secure Path to Retirement: What Steps Should You Take Along the Way?

Achieving your retirement goals is a lifetime process — one that requires you to first build assets and manage retirement risks for the future, and then to turn those assets into a stream of income in retirement that will last as long as you need it to.
Tue, Mar 10, 2015

Living a Financially Sustainable Lifestyle

Are you living a financially secure life that can sustain your family into retirement? Do you even know what that kind of life looks like? Just in case you don't, we sat down with Wealth Dimensions Group to find out for you.
Thu, Mar 05, 2015

When the Rules Change

Are you getting the most out of your retirement plan? How would you know if you weren't? With so many changes in tax policy and asset values in the last five years, perhaps it could be time for a fresh perspective.
Wed, Feb 18, 2015

The Importance of Learning and Adaptation

What does it take to be an accountant? More than you would think. According to Don Fritz, CPA and shareholder with VonLehman, accountants must understand technology, international finance and global politics to be able to serve their clients.
Wed, Feb 11, 2015

Putting Quality and Quantity Together

Probing questions during the client interview process, about both qualitative and quantitative data, help Wealth Dimensions advisors deepen their understanding of your needs.
Wed, Feb 04, 2015