Now You See It. Now You Don't.

When TV is off a fashionable mirror remains.

Photography provided by Hanson Audio Video


A major feature of homes today is the enhancement of sound, video, lighting, temperature and physical environment. Advances of the last 20 years have provided greater ability to control our environment, to choreograph our activities from when we wake up until when we turn in. We can even control our homes remotely from our smartphone.

The pleasure these enhancements provide is something we value and would not want to do without. To enjoy all this, however, has created a situation that conflicts with the aesthetic design we want as part of our home’s character. A principal underlying the concept of pleasing, beautiful space is simplicity. Various parts of our homes are named for the function they support: living rooms, family rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces. Today the technology we use to enhance these spaces has introduced content that can clutter and intrude on their function.

Audio is sound whether of music, voice, film, sports – we don’t need to see the boxes, large or small, that produce the sound. Video is the perception of images in a space. Cable boxes, Blu-ray players, DVRs and all the connecting wires and paraphernalia detract from the function of the space where we view those images.

Hanson Audio Video, the area’s leading provider of state-of-the-art entertainment and home automation systems, offers solutions with equal emphasis on the aesthetics as on the quality and performance of the components. Advances in architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers provide high quality audio from virtually invisible speakers designed to make use of their hidden construction to improve sound quality. These speakers blend in with any wall or ceiling treatment, behind wallpaper, fabric or other covering. Specialized lifts and mounts remove screens from view until remote control commands are sent to summon them. Screens can sit invisibly behind artwork or mirrors, ready to provide a layer of entertainment and information on demand in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas. These screens are made to stand up to their environment, waterproofed for inside or outside. The emphasis on the simple beauty of a space extends to wall switches and faceplates. Flat power outlets and switches with faces to match the mounting surface of your room make these functional requirements invisible and fashionable.

Distributed video is another advance that can simplify and enhance the beauty of your space. Cable boxes and ancillary video equipment can be relocated to a central utility space and remotely switched to direct images to screens throughout your home. Beyond removing unwanted clutter, distributed video lets you use fewer cable boxes to drive video to a greater number of screens located throughout your house.

Designers, architects, builders and homeowners can take their audio, video and home automation projects to a new level. The experienced, certified team of designers and installers at Hanson A.V. are ready to help you experience these breakthrough technologies at their new showroom in Cincinnati or at their Dayton showroom.


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