Next Level Bike Shop Experience

Photography provided by BioWheels

BioWheels knows from more than two decades in business about how to match a cyclist with the right bike fit.

The store’s state-of-the-art bike-fitting studio has generated most of the recent attention at BioWheels, although they sell the industry’s leading brands and accessories and offer quality repair and service.

“Our fit studio has really taken center stage,” says Mitch Graham, owner of BioWheels. “Everybody who is spending time on a bike should get their bike fitted.

“An improper bike fit will affect performance and won’t make best use of the energy that you’re putting in. Comfort is key. When people get a bike, they will try and make adjustments to the bike’s fit, but the counter-intuitive nature of bicycles and comfort usual makes success difficult. A systematic fit protocol under the supervision of a certified fit technician is the best course of action.

“The technology we use to fit bikes is the best available anywhere in the world, and we easily have the most sophisticated studio in Greater Cincinnati.”

After making a physical assessment and testing the rider’s range of movement, Graham uses a computer-controlled, motorized fitting bike along with 3D motion-capture cameras to gather detailed information for each rider.

“When you come in for a fitting, you pedal continuously on the fit bike, we can make adjustments through a computer so we don’t have to keep stopping you to make adjustments,” says Graham.

BioWheels uses a GURU Dynamic Fitting Unit stationary bike that adjusts the riding position in real time to maximize a rider’s comfort and efficiency. To better track the body’s movements, LED markers are later placed on eight strategic points to gather and record information. 

“A session on our fit bike systematically takes the rider through different positions and makes necessary adjustments,” says Graham. “For example, we can move the saddle and handlebars to best fit that rider’s particular movement.”

Graham also takes this opportunity to coach riders on proper technique, posture and pedaling, and can address ways to mitigate any aches and pains the rider might experience while riding. Besides an extensive riding career, he has been certified in advanced fitting from four different fit schools.

A session in the bike fit studio can be for riders who already have a bike or are looking for a new one. It takes a “Fit First” philosophy. “Some of these bicycles can get very expensive and it makes better sense to get your position mapped out before you invest in a new bike,” says Graham. “You’ll then know when you buy that bike that it will be a good fit for you so you don’t wind up making a rather costly mistake by choosing the incorrect size bike.”

BioWheels offers top brand such as Cervélo, SCOTT, Jamis and Moots. But you don’t have to buy your bike at the store to have it fitted there. “Around 90 percent of the bikes we fit aren’t purchased here,” Graham says. “Many were purchased used online or from other shops in town.”

Fitting sessions at BioWheels begin at $150 an hour for riders fitting their bike for the first time and go up to a three-hour session for $375 for more advanced riders. Fees for fit sessions are credited towards a bike purchase made within 30 days. 

BioWheels is located at 6810 Miami Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45243. For more information or to schedule a fitting appointment call 513.861.2453 or visit