New this Fall to Cincinnati


Cincinnati will be rewarded this fall when the magnificent Music Hall reopens after extensive renovation and takes its place again as one of the world’s great performance venues.

Meanwhile, in Montgomery next to Eddie Merlot’s, another noteworthy opening has occurred. Hanson Audio Video provides visitors a unique venue where one can listen to music only rivaled by a live experience. The components, speakers and quality implementation to produce this music can be purchased for your enjoyment, turning your own home into a great performance venue as well.

Hanson’s approach to great sound starts with high quality music but extends to home entertainment solutions that include whole house audio for background music, streaming music solutions, headphones, home theater systems, media family room television solutions and furniture.

Hanson’s approach to great home entertainment is far broader than a selection of speakers, components or televisions. It begins with engineering knowledge of construction and material selection that creates the setting for a superior AV experience. Smart home automation products round out Hanson’s experience center where they can show you how to enhance your environment with centralized control of lighting, appliances, window treatments, HVAC, security and entertainment. Basically, anything that can be turned on and off can be operated by your smart phone or controller.

Hanson excels in the design and creation of home entertainment and automation to meet the needs and lifestyles of a household. The process can begin with construction of a new home, remodeling project or a simple addition to your existing environment. Hanson can provide theater seating, component furniture along with quality projectors and screens, all controlled centrally at the push of a button or by program. The staff offers free in-home consulting to help guide you with design, quality and pricing options to accomplish your entertainment goals.

The showroom experience is intended to educate as well as to impress. There are displays showing the tools, raw material and processes used by craftsmen to produce the finest audio and video equipment. Exploded models of high-end speakers show the component’s make up and unit construction.

Hanson’s house-in-a-house demonstrates for visitors a full range of home automation features that enhance the function of the entire house with a focus on the family room, kitchen and bedroom. The Internet of Things (IoT) is on display in ovens, lighting, HVAC, security cameras and automated blinds. The Hanson experience extends outdoors as well. On display are water and weatherproof TVs and speakers. The speakers blend in with landscaping and television screen brightness adjusts to variation in ambient light.

The associates at Hanson’s showrooms are not simply selling pieces of equipment. Their goal is to create a lifestyle improvement today and long-term relationships with customers they continue to service long after the sale. They do that by showing visitors a range of good, better, best and ultimate products from award-winning manufacturers around the world. They strive to know each person’s preferences and to respect their budgets.

The Hanson family and staff are proud to bring a world-class performance venue to Cincinnati. Visitors are encouraged to visit, learn, watch,  listen and enjoy this special experience.

Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 (513.563.0444) and 3140 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45429 (937.293.6200). For more information, visit