New Studio & Endless Possibilities

Photography by Catie Viox

True Artists Studio has opened a new location in Liberty Township that allows the video production company to do what it does best, only bigger and better.

“The foundation of the work we do, whether wedding or commercial, is storytelling, being able to sit down with someone, understand their story and then help them tell that story through video,” says Shane Pergrem, owner and producer. 

Pergrem is excited about the new studio space, which is equipped with a production room for interviews, editing suite and a client meeting space for viewing videos.

“We’ve grown into a full-production studio,” he says. “We now have the capability of doing in-studio video work. Having the studio space helps with commercial and non-profit work where we can sit down and do interviews for welcome videos and create promotional materials.”

The benefit for bridal couples might be less obvious, but real nonetheless. “The possibilities with the new studio are really endless,” Pergrem says. “And that’s what really excites me, especially when it comes to weddings.”

True Artists Studio has creative ways of capturing in-the-moment events of the wedding day. Because the day is so busy, however, they can only take a minute or two to capture those.

“With our new studio, we are able to tell an even deeper story by doing interviews before the wedding and post interviews after the wedding,” Pergrem says. “It enables us to do a much stronger story for them, and they can truly make it their own.”

True Artists Studio can create a video for couples to show at their rehearsal dinner or reception. With the aid of a teleprompter, couples can look into the camera and thank their audience for coming. 

“With our green-screen wall, we can put pretty much any background behind them,” Pergrem says. “It enables us to do really unique backgrounds.”

Accompanied by an editor, Pergrem can even do same-day edits of the wedding day. “As we film, we offload footage to the editor, who creates a three-minute film to show at the reception.”

True Artists Studio creates unique videos because Pergrem takes the time to discover what is unique about every couple he films. “It’s about getting to know them, who they are as a couple and getting to know what they like. By doing that, we are able to tell their story in a way that suits who they are.”

By putting forth the effort to connect with the couple, Pergrem is able to produce a video that is natural and true to life because everyone is relaxed and comfortable when he is filming.

Pergrem wants couples to see the bigger picture: they are not just spending money on wedding videography. “It’s not just a keepsake for them. It’s a time machine that they can use to go back in time and revisit this story that they have lived. It’s going to help tell their legacy and be passed on to future generations.”

The couple can return to the studio after they start having children to continue telling their story. Even though it’s best to create time machines within a two- to five-year period when memories are fresher, it’s never too late. Pergrem can create a legacy video from interviews, combined with photos and video that clients have taken themselves.

In addition, True Artists Studio archives all video so clients can always get additional copies or replacements.

Whether filming wedding or commercial, Pergrem and his staff approach every job with the same mindset.

“We believe that you are important and your story is important,” he says. “We want to utilize video and film to help people document their story and tell it in a concise way.”


True Artists Studio is located at 7904 Princeton Road, Liberty Township, OH 45044. For more information, call 859.305.1547 or visit