New Location and Refined Vision

Photography by Catie Viox and Wes Battoclette

Tim Goldsmith, owner of Goldsmith Cardel, is excited about his store’s recent move to Hyde Park Square. Customers looking for the very best in china, crystal, flatware, special gifts and bridal registry will now come to the upper level on Edwards Road, the former Richard’s Hair Salon. There are 11 dedicated parking spaces for patrons of Goldsmith Cardel, accessed by driving up the ramp between the school parking lot and the stores along Edwards Road.

 Goldsmith is pleased with the opportunity to refine his vision, and make his message and mission of the store clearer. He equates it to moving out of the large house where you have raised your children. After 29 years on Erie Avenue, he has moved the store to new and fresh surroundings.

“My goal is to offer our merchandise in a crisper, more refined manner,” Goldsmith says. “After so many years in business, we know what we do best, and this is our chance to present that to our customers.”

Goldsmith wanted to refine his vision to better serve today’s customers. “Customers have evolved in their preferences and their needs, and we have evolved with them,” he says. “People still enjoy the quirky and unexpected, but I think they are more definite as to what they want for today’s lifestyle. Our clientele knows what works for the way they live. Our job is to surprise and delight them with what we offer to facilitate and enhance their way of living and entertaining.”

Goldsmith Cardel customers generally fall into two camps. “Some people are searching for a ‘treasure’ to hand down generation to generation, and others need something wonderful to put into the dishwasher tomorrow,” he says. “We work very hard to answer both points of view.”

Although young couples getting married are a large number of the people they work with at Goldsmith Cardel, many customers just need a hostess gift or candles to go into their own candlesticks at home. With the option to shop online, either at Goldsmith Cardel’s website or elsewhere, it is important to know there is a place to go where one can see, pick up and contemplate a new purchase.

“We show a wide range of inventory, letting people really understand what it is they are intending to buy, whether a potential pasta bowl for their next dinner party or the turkey platter for this Thanksgiving dinner,” Goldsmith says.

Goldsmith is dedicated to personal attention and customer service. “I love working with people,” he says. 

Goldsmith especially has fun working with young couples and their wedding registry. “I encourage them to be braver than they came in feeling. I love helping them get excited and enthusiastic, and helping the couple gain confidence in their choices.”

In addition to handling the classic brands that people have loved for generations, whether it be china, crystal or silver and stainless, Goldsmith Cardel takes great pride in being the only store in town offering Herend, Hermes porcelain dinnerware, Christofle flatware and wonderful custom glassware from England and the Czech Republic.

Goldsmith even calls on workshops in Europe to create the occasional custom piece to surprise and delight his customers: linens embroidered in France, hand-painted porcelain objects or hand-wrought metalwork, all with an eye to offering the exceptional and creative. At the same time, you can count on him to have the practical and necessary items for everyday living.

Goldsmith may have moved his store to Hyde Park Square, but he took his passion for serving his customers with him. He loves working with people … and it shows. 


Goldsmith Cardel is located at 3443 Edwards Road, Upper Level, Cincinnati, OH 45208. You can reach them at 513.871.1961, by email at or visit