New Faces & Proven Investment Advice

Photography by Jon Keeling

Horter Investment Management is always on the lookout for financial advisors who can help guard and potentially increase clients’ hard-earned money.  As Horter has had great success, they are proud to take on two new Cincinnati-based investment advisor representatives who will help provide sound advice using Horter’s financial planning methods.


Casey Croysdale

“People often think they can do investing and financial planning by themselves,” says Croysdale. “Investing has really changed over the years and a person outside of the investing world may not fully understand their level of risk and how to successfully manage it.

“Working with a financial advisor that must act in the client’s best interest can really help avoid a lot of issues that the client would have encountered if they would have ventured out on their own.”

Croysdale joins Horter Investment Management after considering a number of firms when he was looking to change career paths after leaving a Fortune 500 company.

“The culture of Horter is simply first class,” says the Miami University graduate. “After seeing Horter’s success, I believe the opportunity for growth in helping Cincinnati-area clients is unlimited.”


Dave Newman

After graduating from Xavier University, Newman spent nearly two decades at a competing investment firm before moving to Horter.

“The initial factor that attracted me to Horter was the emphasis they have on striving to protect the client’s portfolio,” he says. “A system that is designed to be low risk and low volatility in my opinion helps to ensure better retirements.”

Newman is excited to bring his years of experience and knowledge to Cincinnati clients.

“Some of the best financial advice I’ve ever received was ‘Pay yourself first.’ Always allocate part of your pay directly to your retirement savings,” says the West Chester resident. “And you don’t already need to be wealthy to make money in the markets.  Actually, it’s never too soon to get started and getting an early start on investing is the best way to help ensure that you’ll reach your financial goals.”


Horter Investment Management is located at 11726 Seven Gables Road, Symmes Township, Cincinnati, OH 45249. For more information, call 513.984.9933 or visit