Never-Ending Options in a Gorgeous Space

Photography by Steven Thomas


Booking the perfect venue for a wedding is tough task. The look and feel of a space is important – couples must pick a place that fits their style, but it’s also important to make sure guests will fit comfortably and great food will be available. 

The Cincinnati Club is a unique space downtown that offers multiple rooms, each with a unique style, and a top-notch catering service. The venue accommodates all practical needs, with rooms that range from small and intimate to large and grand. 

“The Cincinnati Club building is a unique historical building with rooms that are unlike any other space downtown,” says Diana Dawson, owner of Davis Catering and the Cincinnati Club. 

The catering service is staffed with culinary experts who are able to customize meals and menus to accommodate even the pickiest of eaters. “Davis Catering has been in business for 50 years,” says Dawson. “Our staff is like one big family, and we love working with our clients to help them design the menu of their choice.” 

The Davis Catering team also supplies late-night snack options for guests and couples who anticipate partying for hours on end. 

“Many new things that brides are requesting are late-night snacks for their guests, and we enjoy making these options unique,” says Dawson. “We offer options such as French fry bars, gourmet grilled cheese stations, Skyline bars and more. We let our brides make it their own.” 

These memorable meals are available for couples even if they choose a venue other than the Cincinnati Club – the catering service provides their expertise anywhere in the city. However, with its grand décor and breathtaking architecture, Cincinnati Club is certainly a great venue for a great wedding.

Davis Catering is located in the Cincinnati Club at 30 Garfield Place, Cincinnati, OH 45202. You can reach them at 513.241.3464, by email at or visit their website at