Mitchell’s makes a Mother’s Day

Photography by Chrystal Scanlon


Mother’s Day signals celebration, flowers and brunch for many families, but for Julie Klepak of Colerain Township, it’s become one of the most difficult days of the year. Klepak lost her mother to breast cancer on Mother’s Day in 1994. 

“Although it’s been 22 years, it never gets easier,” she says. She still can’t talk about this turning point in her life without tearing up. “I was only 26 and a single parent of two small children, working full time,” she says. “She was definitely the person I learned the most from – a true inspiration.”

This year, Mother’s Day would be different – Klepak won a surprise makeover at Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa in Kenwood.

When Klepak’s daughter, Brittany Adams, saw the post about the makeover contest, she nominated her mother right away. Her entry focused on Klepak’s dedication to being a mother despite her own loss. “She’s always putting everyone’s needs and feelings ahead of her own. She’s been a single, independent mother to myself, my brother and my sister all our lives. She is a true inspiration in my life and to her grandchildren.” 

“I was very surprised by the entry,” says Klepak, who works as the general merchandise manager for Follett Higher Education Group at Xavier University. “My daughter and I are close, but I never knew she felt that way about me and how her and her siblings were raised.” 

She says Adams has always tried to create a diversion on Mother’s Day, but the nomination changed something for her. “I think even if I hadn’t been chosen, that this may be the first year since my mother’s death where I, too, can celebrate with my children.” 

Logan Hines, vice president of marketing for Mitchell’s, says the committee who chose Klepak was impressed with her selflessness and hoped to help make this Mother’s Day a celebration for her. “We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to give Julie a new Mother’s Day memory to carry with her for years to come,” Hines says. “On makeover day, her smile, as well as her daughter’s smile, was a gift to all of us, as well.” 

Klepak was “excited and nervous” before going to the salon, but also “humbled and honored.” 

After the professionals at Mitchell’s had worked their magic, Klepak was radiant, sporting a new haircut and color courtesy of Kaitlyn Wurzelbacher, director at Kenwood, and a professional makeup application by Tamela Pies, senior artistic director. “I love my hair,” Klepak says. Mitchell’s also extended a mini-makeover to Adams that included a blowout by Shelley Cook, artistic director, so mother and daughter could share the experience. 

“I feel so awesome since the makeover,” Klepak says. “Kaitlyn and Tamela at Mitchell’s did a phenomenal job. I felt like a princess.

“I am very glad my daughter entered me. I feel like I have some newfound energy, and I have received many compliments. I want to thank everyone. This was truly a great experience.” 

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