Meet the Motivator

Photo by Tracy Doyle

Change is hard, and people can be lazy. When it comes to making the decision to get up, get out and make changes in life, many people often need a helping hand in getting off the couch. 

Arlene Shuller is that helping hand and, in some circumstances, the kick in the rear as well. She’s a motivator, and she works with individuals who want to make a change in their lives, but need a little extra help. 

“The most important thing about making a change in your lifestyle is that you have to want it,” says Shuller. “People who come to me because someone sent them, or someone made them come, don’t do as well. Change is the hardest thing for someone to do because what we already know is comfortable.” 

Anyone who has ever opened a closet and gazed longingly at clothes that no longer fit, tried and failed to pick up an exercise ritual or made a New Year’s resolution that never stuck knows just how hard it is to bring change into their lives. Shuller says what she helps her clients do is turn the talk into actions – making the goals a reality. “I get them excited about the possibilities,” she says. 

Shuller has an arsenal of tips, tricks and strategies to help keep clients in line and working toward their goals, even when they’re not physically with her. Clients meet with Shuller once a week to assess their progress, but, let’s be honest – that doesn’t mean a little nudging isn’t needed outside that time as well. For example, Shuller recommends that anyone seeking to keep their weight under control during the holidays should wear a belt to dinners, to prevent overeating. She also has many creative tricks to help conscientiously navigate restaurant menus.

“I’ve learned that I can’t make anyone do anything – making a change is so much easier when you want it,” says Shuller. “There’s temptation everywhere you go. I need to know what my clients’ roadblocks to success are, and historically what’s made them stumble because temptation is different for everyone.” 

One plan cannot fit everyone, so Shuller works with each individual to make sure she fully understands what motivates them, what stops their success and what their overall goals are. Motivating others certainly isn’t an easy task, but Shuller knows when to be aggressive and when to be coaxing. 

“People don’t realize that small changes can make big results,” she says. “Everyone thinks it has to be all or nothing, but those small changes really add up. They help make good habits that can make all the difference.”

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