Meet Cincinnati’s King of Junk

Whether it’s grieving loved ones who are cleaning out the homes of their deceased family members or hoarders who schedule a crew to visit their property each week to remove unwanted clutter, residents throughout Cincinnati, Dayton and the surrounding communities call on one man to do the job – Pete McCreary.

Pete is the owner of Junk King in Cincinnati and Dayton, which provides professional junk removal services to households and businesses. Just this past March, Pete opened his own recycling center in Cincinnati, which allows them to sort and process any unwanted materials more efficiently. Not only are they making efforts to recycle materials such as cardboard, metal and furniture, Pete also looks for ways to reuse and repurpose items. For example, Junk King forms partnerships with local nonprofit organizations. Pete and his team will drop off anything from bookcases to clothes to toys.

Prior to signing an agreement to launch his Junk King business in Cincinnati almost five years ago, Pete held several executive positions in sales and marketing. In his early career, Pete served as the chief financial officer for a well-known nonprofit organization and in his most recent role, he was the sales manager for Paychex.

Junk King was a natural next career move for Pete as his leadership experience and knowledge of sales and marketing tactics aligned nicely with his passion for recycling and caring for the environment.

Since its launch, the business has grown rapidly throughout the region and expanded its services into the Dayton market. Junk King in Cincinnati picks up anything and everything and either repurposes, reuses or recycles all items picked up from jobs. Junk King is proud to say that 60 percent of each pick-up is recycled. Loyal customers have come to truly appreciate the business’ green junk removal commitment.

In fact, one of Pete’s largest customers is EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE (EBTH), a Cincinnati-based online estate sales marketplace. EBTH was so impressed with the work and professionalism of Junk King that they spring boarded the company into a national account, making Pete the only franchise partner to have transactions with fellow Junk King franchise locations.

Junk King has made a name for itself across the country for its professionalism, eco-friendly recycling and award-winning customer service. With an online booking system all it takes is a few clicks, and within a matter of minutes, a pick-up can be scheduled and the job can be completed.

Likewise, the brand maintains the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) for any service business in North America, a clear indication of the importance the company places on customer satisfaction. Unlike the majority of junk removal services, pricing for Junk King is based on the amount of junk removed. The brand’s trucks are 20 percent larger than the industry average, meaning there is no job it can’t handle.

Today, Pete and his team are continuing to offer communities in Cincinnati and Dayton affordable green junk removal services. Pete is looking forward to helping more people de-clutter junk from their homes and offices in a responsible manner.


About Junk King

Founded in 2005, Junk King was started by two friends in a two-car garage in San Carlos, California. In 2010, the company began franchising. Today, Junk King is the second largest junk removal company in North America with 150 units and 70 franchisees. In the next five years, Junk King plans to add an additional 125 franchisees and 400 units in key markets throughout North America. Junk King saves consumers time and money by eliminating unwanted clutter quickly and efficiently. Junk King is best known for its professionalism, advanced technology programs and commitment to recycling, repurposing and reusing materials. The brand is currently the highest rated service business in North America with a net promoter score exceeding 90 percent.

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