Matthew Marcum is Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders Through Mentoring Partners of Cincinnati

Matthew Marcum, Mentoring Partners of Cincinnati

Photograph provided by Mentoring Partners of Cincinnati


Matthew Marcum, through his ministry of mentorship, is in the business of changing hearts and lives. Mentoring Partners of Cincinnati, an organization devoted to mentoring young men and women, focuses on investing in today’s youth with a Christ-centered focus in a judgement-free environment. The ministry “respects the beliefs and goals of each student regardless of religious preference. Each relationship builds a friendship of purpose, investing in a youth’s personal foundation of faith, academic, and career focus.”

Matthew shares the journey of Bethany, one of the students involved in the program. “Bethany learned at an early age to always project that she is ‘okay’ even when she was quite the opposite. Our culture often ostracizes a person when they share brokenness, so we have a generation that feels the only choice is to face the impossible things alone. When Bethany was frequently bullied, it started her on a path into a very deep hole,” says Marcum.

“Bethany entered a mentoring friendship with Lisa 18 months ago as a freshman. These unspeakable spaces of her life were cutting off her confidence at its root, eroding her faith, and even poisoning her relationships in her home. Since Bethany and Lisa have built a deep and enduring friendship, there has been a powerful change in her life and her relationships. She is growing into the confident and healed woman she deserves to be.”

Matthew himself has benefitted from the influence of mentorship. “My childhood was mostly about survival, as my parent’s unhealthy marriage evoked fear and doubt in every fiber of my being. I desired to live a life that would powerfully impact others, and explored any opportunity I could try, but had no grasp of my vocational or academic gifts. Something powerful happened: imperfect but intentional men began to invest in my life,” says Marcum.

“I now am honored to lead this mission that invests in the foundation and future of young men and women, through the heart-to-heart, life-to-life power of mentoring. We are able to offer this free to students because of our financial business partners in Cincinnati and beyond. We seek to grow our size and reach in 2019.”

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To learn about Mentoring Partners of Cincinnati, call Matthew at 513.255.2325, email or visit