Making the Exquisite Jewelry Purchase a Happy Journey

Photo by Jon Keeling


Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring or exquisite piece of high-end fashion jewelry can be exciting. Or it can be nerve-wracking. Thanks to Jimmy Stafford, owner, and Michele Randle, manager at Stafford Jewelers at Kenwood Towne Centre, purchasing either is a joyous occasion guaranteed to bring a sparkle to your or your loved one’s eye.

“When a customer first walks in to buy an engagement ring, we greet them and sit down with them because we want to form a personal connection in order to best determine what they’re looking for. Our customers aren’t bombarded with ‘We have the best prices and financing,’” Stafford says. “We’re sitting there saying, ‘This is who we are; tell us about you.’

“We’re not looking for a one-time purchase, never to see a customer again. We’re hoping to be there for that customer for every mile marker, be it a wedding, an anniversary – whatever their special occasion is. We pride ourselves on being with each customer every step of the way.”

According to Stafford, while more couples are coming in to buy an engagement ring together, that ring is said to be one of the top three purchases a man makes in his life. It’s usually house, car, engagement ring, in that order. Of course, with so many engagement ring styles to choose from, where to start?

“What a lot of guys may not realize is that, yes, it’s a purchase they are making, but unlike their house or car, an engagement ring is a purchase they are making for her,” Stafford points out.

And if they know their beloveds’ personal jewelry tastes but they don’t know a ring prong from a peg, Stafford – who grew up in his family’s business – and the other Stafford Jewelers sales people know just how to help.

“We treat each customer as one of the family,” he says. And that’s imperative when customers are buying an engagement ring or any gift of luxury keepsake jewelry.

Although Randle recently joined the Stafford Jewelers team, she has been wardrobing customers’ high-end fashion jewelry for 20 years.

“There are always trends, and they change, but we also look at what customers already have and help them decide what to add to a particular piece of jewelry to give it a fresh look, or we can recycle older jewelry into something more wearable,” Randle says. “At Stafford Jewelers, our goal is to get a clear picture of who you, or the person you are buying for, are.”

Clothing style, career, leisure activities – there are many personal lifestyle aspects to consider when choosing an engagement ring. At Stafford Jewelers, they are always happy to take the time to ask and answer all the important questions.

White or yellow gold?  Two-tone, or platinum perhaps? Twisted and woven band? Three-stone style? When it comes to lifestyle – sporty/comfortable, vintage, classic or dressy? What do they do for a living? Are they working in the medical field, for example, wearing latex gloves day in and day out? There’s a lot to consider, and it may feel overwhelming, but when it comes to choosing and designing the perfect engagement ring, Stafford Jewelers are experts at guiding customers “From Start to Speechless,” ensuring the resulting ring is as unique as the wearer.

“We want to build the perfect ring, not something everyone else has,” Stafford adds. “We want your personal style to shine through.”

Stafford Jewelers puts that same energy and attention into assisting customers in choosing fine fashion jewelry, whether it’s to update your everyday outfits or add fun and freshness to your individual look.

“It’s not about the sale. We specialize in really listening to our customers and taking the extra time to get to know them, to determine their true jewelry needs,” says Randle. “We want to create customers for life. We want to be part of all their special occasions.

“Jewelry never goes out of style,” she adds. “It makes people happy, and we live in a world where we need to embrace every moment of happiness.”

The Stafford family has more than 35 years of experience, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff are committed to ensuring quality, value and first-class service. “It’s always been our dream to help you realize yours” is more than a sentimental motto for them.

“You can’t name another jewelry store in Cincinnati where the owner’s name is on the wall,” Stafford says. “I have to stand behind what I do.”


Stafford Jewelers is located in Kenwood Towne Centre and at Fifth and Race streets, downtown. For more information, call 513.891.5200 or visit