Making Your Connection Happen

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Many people are confused by the jargon of technology and try to avoid communication acronyms like VoIP, UCaaS, VPLS, VPN or MPLS. For some, the three letters “DSL” ignites frustration and loses them in the cloud. 

Even if a business isn’t focused on delivering Information Technology (IT) services, they still need to have knowledgeable people working for them in order to keep up with the competition and ahead of the trends.

Many companies turn to Cincinnati’s Advanced Technology Consulting - ATC. ATC also has a primary office located in Hartford, CT.

“We’re filling a void in the niched convergence of IT and telecom,” says David Goodwin, co-founder and managing partner of ATC.

Over the last five years, the telecom field has been transformed by the convergence of IT and telecommunications. By closely monitoring the rapidly changing environment, ATC has been able to stay ahead of the game.

“We are creating wide area networks with a focal point on voice over IP phone systems that use high-speed connections instead of unreliable, legacy phone lines,” says Goodwin.

ATC Cincinnati has about 20,000 endpoints, or devices that are connected to IP networks, in 36 states. ATC also has more than 2,000 circuits installed across the country, providing connectivity for businesses of all kinds.

ATC has modeled a suite of services that help organizations gain value from network services that will help grow business. By continually reshaping their expertise with the rise of new technologies, ATC can anticipate how businesses can best use it to their advantage.

“Everyone needs communications so we’re not locked down to a particular segment,” says Goodwin. “Most managers’ core competency probably isn’t IT – and it shouldn’t be. It should be managing. So they outsource their telecom—voice, data and cloud services—to us.

“Our clients include St. Elizabeth Physicians, Lykins Energy, Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, Mike’s Carwash and Sheakley. We can really work in any industry segment because just about every business needs to communicate with customers, they need to communicate with suppliers and they need to communicate with each other.”

Larger businesses with an in-house IT department can also use ATC’s expertise.

“Even if they have a solid IT department, they may be strapped for resources and providing services to multiple locations becomes complicated,” says Goodwin. “Our clients may have two locations or over a thousand locations. Many have found that it’s one thing to implement IT at their corporate headquarters, but have found it more challenging to do so at all of their branches that can be hundreds of miles away from each other.”

By hiring ATC as their telecommunications expert, companies can benefit from their years of experience.

ATC was founded in 1999 and has seen record revenues over the past three years by adding large, multi-location accounts.

Understanding each client’s unique set of needs is crucial.

“We understand telecommunication technologies very well and know best which of those technologies our customers need,” says Goodwin.

Partnered with more than 100 service providers, ATC is able to provide a unique solution-agnostic and consultative approach.

“Because of our breadth of suppliers, we can find an exact match of what the customer needs,” says Goodwin. “Since we provide a lot of revenue to our network of providers, they make more services available to us – like increased resources, tech support and new technology. We are then able to pass these savings and opportunities on to our clients.”

With client retention close to 100 percent, ATC seems to have found the secret of customer satisfaction.

“According to our clients, our attention to detail sets us apart,” says Goodwin. “That attention to detail can be seen in our proposals, our documentation and our research. If we aren’t satisfied on how things are working, we will take the extra steps to be sure our clients are set up to succeed.

“Another thing our clients can appreciate is our responsiveness. Most customers have experienced the frustration of not receiving an immediate response from big companies. We feel an urgency when getting back to our customers.”

Finally, Goodwin credits ATC’s culture as another key to success.

“Even though we continue to move up market into larger accounts, we stick to our original culture of giving back to the community and staying family-friendly,” says Goodwin. “The trick is creating a workspace that is conducive to people wanting to stay.”

 “We want our staff to feel as if ATC is a career and not just a stepping stone,” says Goodwin.

ATC works with key stakeholders in your organization to:

Understand your current state of existing telecommunications infrastructure environment

Conduct an integrated strategic, business and technology assessment to ensure alignment with corporate goals

Develop and design technology plans that optimize your telecommunication expenditures

Analyze technology outsourcing opportunities and services to align with your desired future state


Advanced Technology Consulting is located at 8734 Union Centre Boulevard, West Chester, OH 45069. For more information, call 513.234.4778 or visit