Maintaining Community, Bettering Neighborhoods

Photo by Tracy Doyle

Cincinnati is a vibrant city made up of many different communities and neighborhoods. But one thing that’s the same throughout the metropolitan region is the pride residents have for their area. This is why there are neighborhood councils; residents volunteer for the associations to ensure the neighborhood reflects those perspectives. 

Andrew Scarpitti is the president of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Council, as well as a wealth management advisor for Northwestern Mutual. “As a resident of Hyde Park, I wanted to give back to the community,” he says. “As someone whose home is in Hyde Park and who is building a business in the area, I wanted to make sure I pitched in to make sure the community stays attractive.” 

Scarpitti was drawn to the community after getting engaged, and fell in love with how active the area is, as well as how much time he could spend with his family when he didn’t have to travel far to work. From art shows to holiday fireworks to the Hyde Park Blast, Scarpitti says he and his family love the character and sense of community in Hyde Park. It’s the residents that help make the community feel real and welcoming.

“The neighborhood council helps give a voice to the residents,” says Scarpitti. “We serve to help preserve the character of Hyde Park, and to address questions and concerns that residents may have.” 

The committee brings local issues to the attention of residents, such as zoning complications, improvement projects and factors that might impact the long-term health of the community. The committee and its board, headed by Scarpitti, works as a liaison between the residents of Hyde Park and the City of Cincinnati. 

“The board meets with the other members of the council to get a better understanding of our neighborhood’s needs, and then we work to improve communication with the city,” says Scarpitti. “We all love how Hyde Park has grown, but we need to make sure that it continues to be smart growth – that new development is consistent with the community, and that the community approves of new development. It’s about ensuring the long-term health of our community.”

The position is not without its challenges, however, as Scarpitti has learned. He was voted neighborhood council president last summer, and he has seen that it can be tricky to take a stand on issues. Zoning issues that arise around the expansion of a company or home can be particularly difficult to determine, because there are two sides that need to be examined. But overall, Scarpitti says he and his family feel that Hyde Park is the perfect neighborhood for them, and he feels optimistic about the potential of the community.

“I’m excited about the future,” he says. “It’s a great place for my family and for building a business. There’s a great strength in this community. I hope to be a good steward of the board, the community and my role.” 

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Council also helps with many of the community’s most popular events, while working with many different committees and companies to ensure the success of each. From working with the Ault Park Advisory Council, which produces the fireworks and other park events, to helping orchestrate the Halloween costume parade to the annual tree lighting during the holidays, the council is busy working to ensure that Hyde Park has a strong community with access to great events. 

“People just love living here,” says Scarpitti. “They all want to help work towards a common goal of making the community better, while keeping the same spirit.” 

Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and its subsidiaries.

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