Love, Laughter and a Tickled Pink Community

Photo provided by Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund


If you have attended a Pink Ribbon Luncheon, you know it’s unlike any other fundraiser. You’ll be “tickled pink” to hear that the 16th annual event will be yet another one to remember. Wednesday, October 18th will be a day of love, laughter and celebration for all of the strong women who have survived breast cancer, those currently fighting it and those who want to support the cause.

After 16 years, the Pink Ribbon Luncheon now hosts a sold-out crowd of 1,600. Year after year, committed and hard-working volunteers come back to reinvent the Pink Ribbon Luncheon and deliver the “wow factor” that attendees have come to love and anticipate.

“The effort made by our volunteers makes our event unique,” says Maggie Fennell, the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund’s (CCPF) executive director. “They take it to the next level for the sole purpose of wanting to give everyone in attendance an escape and an experience to remember. Every year, without fail, there is an undeniable feeling of love in the air that adds a layer of intimacy to this big event.”

It’s not just volunteers who want to make the day special, it’s also businesses in Greater Cincinnati that want to be a part of this amazing group, to do something fun for the event and something extraordinary for the people who have been impacted by breast cancer.

“Deloitte has supported the Pink Ribbon Luncheon since its inception. We fill the tables with the employees and close friends, some of which are breast cancer survivors themselves. This is a very meaningful, personal and broad-reaching cause,” says Tom Plaut, partner at Deloitte.

The Pink Ribbon Luncheon is the main funding source for all of the Pink Ribbon Programs. CCPF has three ProScan Pink Ribbon Centers that serve thousands of women every year. The money raised at the annual event allows the foundation to provide free breast health services, transportation and much needed education to the neediest women in our city. CCPF has provided more than 5,000 Pink Ribbon Bags to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients around the country and connects newly diagnosed patients with survivors for one-on-one support. CCPF’s mission is to fight breast cancer by providing education, support and early detection services, including free mammograms, to the community.

If any organization is living its mission, it is CCPF. Now it is ready to make some noise about a relatively new method of detection that could impact nearly half of all women who receive mammograms: Breast MRI.

According to the website, one in eight women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Forty-three percent of women have dense breast tissue that appears milky-white on a mammogram, which is a problem because that’s exactly how cancer presents itself, as a white density. It’s like trying to pinpoint a particular snowflake in a snowstorm. Because regular mammograms miss 20 percent of breast cancer, largely due to breast tissue density, breast MRI is a fantastic option for the population with level three or four breast density. Three dimensional mammography or tomography provides some improvement.

It was recently mandated in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana that women be informed about their dense breast tissue in their post-mammogram follow-up letter. Frequently, though, women don’t read past the good news of a normal mammogram, missing the fact that if they have dense breast tissue, additional testing may be recommended. That one piece of information changes how 43 percent of the mammogram-age population should proceed with their breast health, but a staggering number of women simply don’t know.

“It’s not being talked about enough so changes aren’t being made fast enough, but we’re working toward making this a mainstream topic in the world of breast health and breast cancer detection,” says Fennell.

The Pink Ribbon Luncheon makes the life-saving services provided by the Pink Ribbon Centers possible; however, there is still important work to be done. Both businesses and individuals support the luncheon by honoring staff and friends impacted by breast cancer through table sponsorships above the cost of a regular ticket.

“We support the individuals that are survivors and care givers, and wish to honor the memory of those individuals who have lost their battle with the disease,” says Plaut when discussing why Deloitte sponsors the Pink Ribbon Luncheon.

You won’t want to miss this year’s Pink Ribbon Luncheon and its celebration 16 years in the making. It’s a big event that makes a huge impact in Cincinnati and beyond. Come to support a friend, be honored or simply champion the important work being done. It’s a lively afternoon with an exciting lineup that is sure to leave you tickled pink.


Where you get a mammogram is up to you, so it’s a great idea to support an organization that gives back to the community.

By getting a mammogram or other service at a Pink Ribbon Center, you are helping to support all of the Pink Ribbon Programs. ProScan Pink Ribbon Centers have given more than 4,000 free mammograms, provide life-saving breast health education and support and empower women battling breast cancer. Call a ProScan Pink Ribbon Center to schedule your annual mammogram.

Red Bank: 513.527.7750 | Over-the-Rhine: 513.241.2873 | Tri-County: 513.772.7750

The Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund is responsible for the Pink Ribbon Programs, one of which is the Pink Ribbon Survivor Circle.

That is a group of women who have survived their battles with breast cancer. These strong women join newly diagnosed breast cancer patients to make their journeys just a little bit easier. Vickie Girard, author of “There’s No Place Like Hope” and a breast cancer survivor, says it best: “To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

Nancy, a breast cancer survivor, says this about her experience:

“Survivor Circle is a network of strong, brave, caring women who fill me with hope, courage and confidence. We share the same common thread of conquering cancer and reclaiming our health and happiness. Spending time with this positive group of amazing ladies always makes me feel stronger and thankful to know such special survivors.”


For information about the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund and the Pink Ribbon Luncheon, call 513.924.5038 or visit