Look and Feel Your Best

Shalini Gupta, M.D.

Photo by Tracy Doyle


Who doesn’t want to look their best and age beautifully? Moreover, 50 is the new 30. As we are getting healthier as a whole and our bodies are wearing better than ever before, we want to certainly look how we feel. We know procedures exist for cosmetic improvements, but we may not be aware of the many revolutionary options the medical aesthetics field holds for us to achieve those goals.

“We’ve been in practice since 2000, which makes us a pioneer in our field of cosmetic dermatology,” says Shalini Gupta, M.D., of the Dermatology, Laser and Vein Center. “We started with a couple of technologies, and now we have over 30 different technologies and procedures in our office.”

Gupta says that many people are interested in cosmetic improvements, but are a little anxious because they don’t know what to expect. She tries to ease that anxiety with good education and helping patients understand how the procedure can help them.

“We care about our patients, and we really want to give them the best natural results possible,” Gupta says. “We stay up on the latest technologies and what is available for cosmetic improvements to help our patients achieve their goals.”

Several affordable procedures are available that can make a significant impact by rejuvenating collagen in the skin, erasing age and sun-related skin issues and maintaining a youthful glow. The practice recommends such procedures across the board to all their younger patients and to those who have undergone skin rejuvenation procedures to help maintain their results.

Clear and Brilliant is a laser treatment that is not as intense as other laser options so there is not as much recovery time. It helps restore collagen in the skin and is much more beneficial than getting a facial or a Microdermabrasion for not much more cost. “Venus Viva is also a nice procedure that’s not too invasive for this kind of good skin maintenance,” she says.

For patients who need to reverse sun or age-related skin issues or scarring, a treatment plan is tailored for each individual. Because the aging process is multi-faceted, more than one type of procedure is often necessary to get the best results. “You usually need a combination of tightening, resurfacing, fillers and neurotoxins, all in combination,” Gupta says.

For example, fillers by themselves would be a disservice to someone who has significantly aged skin. If the skin is rejuvenated and healthy, the filler will look better and have a greater impact than being injected under old skin. Moreover, maintenance becomes easier and the overall appearance is more natural and refreshed.

“Because we have so many different options, we can really customize a procedure plan for a patient,” she says. “It can sometimes take a year to get the face and skin in order, after which, minor periodic maintenance will keep the skin and subdermal tissues under control.” Melasma and brown spots, broken capillaries, wrinkles, sagging skin, double chin, hooded eyes, under eye hollowing and sunken cheeks are just a few of the items you can cross off your list when you visit Dr. Gupta.

Along with your skin and face, body sculpting is another major passion for the center. “We are definitely the body sculpting capital here in our area because we offer pretty much any procedure available for body sculpting,” Gupta says. “That gives us a lot of flexibility in being able to help patients achieve their body sculpting goals.”

Not every patient receives the exact same procedure and combining various procedures is sometimes necessary to get the best improvements. Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive option. “With Vaser we can usually get really nice results in a single treatment in terms of removing the fat and giving a nice shape to the body.”

Less invasive options, and these days very popular ones, include CoolSculpting, SculpSure and Vanquish ME. For patients with a larger body mass index (BMI), Vanquish ME is great because it can treat a larger surface area. “It’s great for men and women who want to reduce their midsection without any recovery time,” she says. “It’s also a completely painless procedure.”

CoolSculpting uses technology developed at Harvard to freeze fat cells while SculpSure uses a focused laser to destroy fat cells. The practice loves to recommend a “Fire and Ice” approach to body sculpting, where CoolSculpting is combined with either a laser or radiofrequency procedure (both of which produce heat) for the best overall improvements in body contouring and skin tightening.

Gupta says the artistic aspect of her work is very gratifying. She loves performing the procedures, especially the injectables and liposuction, which require a lot of sculpting and shaping. “I love the immediate gratification of my work and being able to see results for my patients.”

She enjoys making people feel better about themselves and more confident. “Not everybody gets to do what they love,” Gupta says. “I truly feel blessed in that way.” 


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