Locally Owned Independent Agency Earns Reputation for Superior Customer Service

Photo provided by Roegr Insurance Agency

Roehr Insurance Agency has created a name for itself thanks to a hard-earned reputation for superior customer service. Alvin Roehr, Jr., the president and CEO, prides himself on delivering protection for each client based on their specific needs. His agents cultivate a personal relationship with each customer. 

“We’re not just looking for a customer – we’re developing a relationship that lasts a lifetime,” Roehr says. “We still meet people over the kitchen table, shake their hand, look them in the eye and tell them what we’re going to do – that personal connection goes a long way in the (automated) age of doing everything online. 

“With us, you’re talking to real people – to Alvin and Sandy and Linda. We are handing someone a promise and that’s an amazing thing. They’re buying because they trust us and believe us when we promise to have their back if something bad happens. That’s a huge responsibility and we don’t take it lightly.” 

The agency’s high customer satisfaction ratings and 98 percent retention rate support Roehr’s claim. He is grateful to provide coverage for clients who have been with him since he was making a name for himself in the 1980s. Roehr’s stability and reliability has allowed him to keep clients for a lifetime and continue to grow. Today, his agency is facing competition from online sales. 

“Our industry is a very relationship-based industry,” he says. “What we’re fighting is the online buying of insurance that is impersonal and not customized. You want to talk to your customers frequently. You want to understand them and know them and never take them for granted. There are so many differences between policies and the value we offer is lots of customized options. 

“We help our customers make a decision as to what they need. We try to educate them so they truly understand the options and benefits. When things happen, people can rest assured because they already know they’re covered because we’ve explained that to them.” 

As a locally owned agency, Roehr’s competitors are companies that are based outside of Cincinnati. Roehr, however, is deeply invested in the local economy, arts and education and strives to be a good corporate citizen by supporting schools, non-profits and participating on local boards. 

“We are all based right here in Cincinnati – the city we love,” he says. “If you call us, you get us, the local service team in Cincinnati, ready to jump in and provide comfort, confidence and support. There are so many competitors who are impersonal, but with us you can have a real relationship with your insurance agent. We are in 42 states and have a wide breadth but we are still that neighborhood company that takes every phone call and personally knows our customer.” 

Roehr acknowledges there are shortcuts he could use to make a quick buck but that isn’t the way he does business. The agency is in it for the long haul, growing one customer at a time. His care and concern for clients forms the foundation of everything they do. He is proud of the fact that his customers know they can count on receiving the same service day in and day out. 

“I’ve been in business for 33 years. Since 1983, people have come to trust that we do what we say we will do,” Roehr says. “That customer feedback is the highest accomplishment.” 

Roehr feels that the ability to have a real relationship with an insurance agent is priceless. He is passionate about investing in young and veteran agents alike. His strong leadership is evident through the manner in which he empowers each agent to have a sense of ownership in the business through their contributions. 

Roehr’s company has experienced consistent growth with no signs of slowing down. He mentions that his new building in Oakley has space to grow. Roehr has plans to fill the remainder of the building with more talent in order to be the largest independent locally owned insurance agency in town. 

“We look to grow the local and regional sales team to compete head-to-head with the national agencies,” he says. “We will stay independent and maintain local ownership and shareholders. Our plan is to bring in talent and make them owners and let them share in the ups and downs of the agency. That’s the difference in what we offer.” 


Roehr Insurance Agency is located at 4642 Ridge Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45209. For more information, call 513.985.4200 or visit www.roehrins.com.