Leading the Way in Cutting Edge Patient Care

Photography by Daniel Smyth


For nearly 20 years, Professional Radiology, Inc. (PRI) has been a leading diagnostic and interventional private practice radiology group, pioneering innovative, cutting-edge technology with a focus on personalized, quality service. 

PRI physicians provide care at several major hospitals and imaging centers, offering expertise in mammography, musculoskeletal radiology, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine/PET imaging, body imaging and interventional radiology. 

Shawn Reinhart, MD, president and CEO, says PRI’s purpose is to deliver the highest quality radiology services available. “We strive to continually improve our expertise through continuing education and the application of advanced technologies,” he explains. 

Reinhart says PRI’s size allows for broad specialization, while the group’s partnership with local hospitals builds strong relationships with referring physicians and hospital staff. “We consider this to be at the heart of quality patient care,” he says. 

PRI physicians are leading the way when it comes to interventional radiology, a minimally invasive, targeted treatment using imaging guidance. Interventional radiologist Daniel Long, MD, recently performed the first procedure in Greater Cincinnati using the FlowTriever System to remove life-threatening blood clots. PRI physicians collaborate with other local specialists to pioneer treatment for Tristate patients with vascular disease and renal cell cancers. 

​Radioembolization, or SIRT (selective internal radiation therapy), is another cutting-edge technology being performed by PRI physicians. James Traiforos, MD, an interventional radiologist, says this technology has the ability to non-surgically remove a small part of the liver for patients with isolated tumors. “Additionally, radioembolization has fewer side effects,” he says. “This is a technique which is being utilized with great success by all major cancer centers across the country.” 

PRI’s women’s imaging service is another standout practice area. Raymond Rost, MD; Elizabeth Weaver, MD; and Linda Reilman, MD are PRI’s medical directors of Women’s Imaging.  PRI’s breast imaging specialists have extensive experience in diagnostic mammography and breast procedures. They lead nationally-accredited centers which utilize tomosynthesis, advanced 3D imaging technology, for diagnosis of breast cancer.  Dr. Weaver notes that “PRI’s breast imagers have extensive experience integrating breast imaging information from differing modalities to help coordinate care with breast surgeons and oncologists, which is essential for successful comprehensive breast care.”

Dr. Reinhart says PRI’s size and scope means the group can recruit and retain some of the best local radiologists without needing to outsource. “Our radiologists have devoted their careers to serving patients in the greater Cincinnati area,” he explains. “They’ve developed effective relationships with medical staff at local hospitals and consider them partners in providing excellent, personalized care to local patients.”

As the world of medicine changes, and with it the delivery of care, the role of the radiologist will also change from one of reading images.  Dr. Reinhart says radiologists will cooperate with hospitals to ensure imaging studies are ordered appropriately, which will require aiding and educating referring physicians. “In this way, the value-added role of the radiologist will change from one who mostly sits and reads exams,” he says.

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