Leadership Makes the Difference


When you look around your home what do you see? Maybe you see your baby’s first steps, or you see where family gatherings were held. Maybe you see an empty nest. These life events can prompt change. Whether you’re looking for more space, to downsize or to relocate, you know that your life requires something different now and it’s time to move. Buying or selling a home signifies a turning point in your life and it is this emotional connection to your home that Realtor Julia Wesselkamper and her team understand very well. 

“I consider it an honor,” says Wesselkamper. She grew up in a real estate family. She remembers her parents, Ed and Sharon Packer, telling her, “No matter what you decide to do, get your real estate license.” She took their advice. “It may be an industry my family introduced me to, but then I fell in love with the business and I never looked back,” she says. “I saw very quickly what an important role Realtors play in people’s lives. Buying or selling a home is an important time and most importantly we are able to positively affect and help people.” Wesselkamper has been a realtor for 29 years.

Within these pages, you see some examples of the luxury homes and lifestyles that Wesselkamper and her team represent. However, it’s important to her that clients not limit themselves to one particular type of home, price range or location. “What we are committed to and what’s really important to us, are the people. We work with even third-generation clients at this point in our careers, very meaningful for us.” For Wesselkamper, being a Realtor is beyond a job or a career, it is more of a calling. She says, “I and we believe that we are all put here to help one another. We truly do consider it an honor.”

The real estate business combines two difficult things in life: money and emotions.

 “I have respect for other people’s money,” says Wesselkamper. She and her team want to get the best value for clients who are buying and obtain the highest sale price for their seller clients. For her listings, her certification as an Accredited Staging Professional is a crucial and strategic advantage. Using Staging to emphasize features already in the home, the team creates a desirable product for the buyers. She says, “The team doesn’t just put a sign in the yard. It is full court press with us.” 

There are other professional stagers out there. However, since Wesselkamper has both the Realtor perspective and the stagers perspective, she says, “I can marry the expertise of both in order to go beyond making it simply present well. We can really help show the soul of the house.” We can show buyers why the house was special enough for their clients to call the house a ‘home’ for the years they lived there. Representing both buyers and sellers allows us to give all of our clients the best perspective possible; whether they are trying to buy their dream property for the best price and terms or sell their prized property for the best price and terms. In this way, the team promotes a positive experience in a time that can be emotionally challenging for the sellers.”

Buyers become sellers, sellers become repeat clients, and Wesselkamper and her team’s dedication and expertise keep them coming back time and time again.

Coldwell Banker West Shell is located at 9321 Montgomery Road Suite C, Cincinnati, OH 45242-7701. You can reach them at 513.720.4496, 513.891.8500 or email her at julia.wesselkamper@cbws.com