Jon Salisbury

Chief technology officer, Nexigen


Nexigen was founded in 2003 as a leader in cloud services, managed infrastructure services and cyber security solutions. In addition, Nexigen launched a security operations center that monitors security alerts using a cutting edge platform. Located in Newport, KY, Nexigen’s home office features a state-of-the-art 24/7 network operations center, which is the core of the organization. 

“Nexigen was the first cloud provider in Cincinnati with a utility computing solution offering in 2013,” says Jon Salisbury. “Today we are managing clouds across the globe. We manage, migrate and optimize solutions ranging from virtualization upgrades to in-depth coding and programing needs for shipment in the cloud.”

Unlike other companies, Nexigen creates its own products through a partnership with Nimblesoft. Through this partnership, Nexigen has market changing products in the cyber security and cloud service space.