Jim Dandy's Family BBQ

Photography by John Connors

Longtime fans of Jim Emig’s Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ have a special treat in store.

Emig started with a stand on Winton Road in Finneytown 18 years ago. With little more than a prayer and firm belief in the goodness and appeal of traditional BBQ, he grew the business and developed a loyal customer base. 

Emig opened the current restaurant on East Sharonville Road in 2005. The handsome wooden structure sets the tone for delicious eating. Emig’s motto: “Wood is BBQ and BBQ is wood.” 

Emig and his team are ready to introduce a specialty that might not be found outside the hill country of central Texas. On the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each month, Jim Dandy’s will feature the Western Beef Rib. Preparing this meat starts three days prior to serving. The ribs are rubbed with a formulation made especially for Jim Dandy’s by Colonel De Gourmet Herbs and Spices. 

After that rub has a chance to permeate the meat, it’s time for the heat, smoke and wood to complete the magic. The ribs are slow cooked in black iron pits stoked with a combination of hickory and cherry wood. This is the way it’s been done for more than 100 years.

Newcomers are welcome to begin their Jim Dandy’s experience with a Western Beef Rib, but encouraged to try all the favorites on the menu including brisket, pulled pork and chicken, sausage, slabs of St. Louis and baby back ribs, chicken and smoked chicken wings and delicious side items.


Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ is located at 2343 East Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241. For more information, call 513.771.4888 or visit jimdandybbq.com.