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MAI Hosts the 2019 Rising Medical Star Awards

MAI hosts the 2019 Rising Medical Star Awards at MadTree Brewery on Thursday, October 24th.

Managing Data Breaches: Back to Basics

The biggest threat to the security of your company’s intellectual property is more than likely not a nefarious hacker donned in a hoodie, cleverly disguised and lurking in the deepest, darkest corner of the internet. In fact, the primary threat to your data security is more than likely the well-meaning, employee working diligently at their computer in plain sight.

Knocking Cincinnati Out of the Top 5

It's always a feeling of pride to see your own town highlighted as one of the leaders in an industry or a desired tourist destination compared to other cities across the country. However, Cincinnati has found itself on one list that Jeff Ruby would prefer his hometown not be on.

The Circle of Life: Culmination of a Dream for Actor Tony Freeman

"Disney’s The Lion King,” coming to the Aronoff Center January 8 through February 2, has been hailed as one of the most compelling Broadway musicals of its time. For Cincinnati native Tony Freeman, who plays Scar, Zazu, Timon, and Pumbaa, The Lion King marked his Broadway debut. Since then, he has been involved in the show for most of the last 19 years, playing multiple roles during that period and returning to grace the Aronoff stage this January. For Freeman, the chance to join the cast of the award-winning show was the culmination of a dream.

The Art of Inspiration - Summit Hotel

Cincinnati is an excellent place to find yourself and lose yourself in a virtual kaleidoscope of art. Wander Cincinnati’s streets taking in striking murals or spend a lunch hour, afternoon, weekend or week at the Art Museum, Taft Museum of Art, or Contemporary Art Center gazing at old masters or the avant-garde.

11th Anniversary Fundraiser: Leading the Fight Against Mental Illness

Mental illness is our country’s number one health problem. This was recognized more than a decade ago by philanthropists and mental health pioneers Craig and Frances Lindner when they founded the Lindner Center of HOPE in August 2008.

All in a Day’s Work: Inspiring Visitors, Saving Species

It was a beautiful August morning. As I stood at the entrance of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, I was surrounded by bees buzzing in the pristine flower beds, summer camp children donned in matching camp t-shirts excitedly awaiting entrance to the Zoo, and families of all ages and backgrounds pushing strollers, taking selfies, chasing toddlers and slathering sunscreen on their babies.

Forever Young

If fall is in the air but your face, neck and upper chest are exhibiting signs of summer sun damage, you might consider scheduling a consultation with Mary Monk, MSN, CNP, an aesthetic nurse at Donath Facial Plastic Surgery.

Women Who Mean (nonprofit) Business

Working at a nonprofit isn’t for the faint of heart. The hours are long, the pay isn’t as good as you’ll find in the for-profit world, and the mission can become all-consuming. As a result, staff burnout and turnover are usually high. Melissa Newman, Executive Director of JDRF Southwest Ohio, faces an ongoing battle to keep her staff team engaged and motivated, but in spite of these challenges the chapter has realized significantly better staff satisfaction and retention rates than the industry norms.

2019 Bourbon & BowTie Bash

The Bourbon & BowTie Bash will celebrate its sixth year of mixing the best bourbon with the generosity of our community. The event includes bourbon, beer and wine tastings, light bites from local restaurants, live and silent auctions and a fashion show. Attendees have a great time with their friends and family while being charitable at the same time.

Strength In Numbers: Wealth Retention Through Diversification

You may have heard the old saying, “There is strength in numbers.” This is typically used when talking about how it is physically safer to be with a group than to be on your own. The saying also can be applied to the safety of your financial situation. In our practice we have seen great wealth created through investment in a single stock or privately-owned business. However, the same market forces that create wealth also reduce wealth. So, what’s the difference between a person that maintains the wealth once it has been earned and a person who doesn’t?

Primary Solutions for Managing Concentrated Stock Positions

In today’s world, it’s not unusual for an individual’s or family's wealth to be the result of one or two concentrated stocks having done particularly well throughout a lifetime. Executives and lifelong employees typically amass these sizeable positions via employee compensation (restricted stock, stock options, etc.), employee stock purchase plans, and IPOs. Additionally, family members of these individuals may have been gifted stock over the years, or may have inherited stock upon the death of parents, grandparents or other relatives. Despite these positions providing individuals and families with the aforementioned prosperity, concentrated positions also carry with them tremendous risks, some of which can deflate a portfolio in little or no time (think Enron or Lehman Brothers).

Open Enrollment & the Women's Soccer World Cup

The recent U.S. Women’s Soccer World Cup was certainly a moment that the players and the fans will never forget. Often, the passion of a fan can take over and they will celebrate a goal with just as much gusto as a player. While football (i.e. soccer) fans and players are not employed by the same company, if they were, they would be grouped together for purposes of life and disability insurance. This would hardly seem fair to the athletes, and yet that is what happens to some employees when it comes to their employee benefits.

An Eye for Answers No One Else Can See

Celebrating 30 years specializing in diagnostic imaging and reading more than a million scans, Stephen J. Pomeranz, M.D., is as devoted to interpreting an MRI today as he was when he and his wife, Penny Kereiakes Pomeranz, founded ProScan Imaging. In fact, the more challenging and “scratch-your-head” rare the case, the better.

New Leadership at Art Academy of Cincinnati

As a boy in Baltimore, Joe Girandola learned about form and function by disassembling toasters, washing machines and dishwashers, marveling at the materials and the way they worked together and then reassembling these objects. His parents sanctioned that precarious practice, insisting only that he journal each step in the process to document his understanding and create guidance for that all-important reassembly finale.

Meet the Bengals’ Spiritual Signal Caller

An average week for LaMorris Crawford is not unlike that of any other preacher. He performs chapel services, baptisms and weddings, conducts marriage counseling, Bible studies and prayer groups. It’s just that his “church” is in the locker rooms and practice fields at Paul Brown Stadium and in the homes of Cincinnati Bengals players.

Something for Everyone

This fall, to build a different culture into the store, Stafford Jewelers, a Cincinnati-based, family-owned business, is introducing several big designer brands. For instance, Nanis is a unique line from Italy – all hand-etched, 18-karat yellow gold pieces.