Students Exemplify Strengths of CPS Initiatives

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Jordan Miller

The average high-school student doesn’t have much human resources experience. But Jordan Miller is not your average high school student.

While other students are more likely to be shopping at Macy’s than working in its corporate office, this Hughes STEM High School junior has already written the book on what it’s like to work there – literally.

“Both freshman and sophomore year I was able to do my intersession at Macy’s,” says Jordan of the intensive hands-on learning experiences and field study Cincinnati Public Schools offers students.

“Everyone takes on their own tasks. My role was human resources. I was able to help develop the employee handbook, something I excelled at that I had never done before.”

She didn’t stop there, though. She impressed the Macy’s team and forged real-world connections with the people she worked with.

“I was able to find a mentor, Kara Jones, and she is amazing,” says Jordan. “I’m so thankful I was able to do my intersession there and learn so much.”

As she gets ready to apply to colleges, Jordan has reflected on the importance of her high-school experiences as a foundation for what’s to come. “I love that we’ve been able to get hands-on experiences and learn while having fun,” she says. “I love the teachers at Hughes. The teachers and principal motivate you. I can still go back to my freshman teachers and they still will greet you with a hug and care about your progress. Hughes gives you every opportunity to succeed.”

Jordan is certainly excelling in her coursework, from AP English to core health classes. “I’m taking a human systems course and a bio- medical class I really enjoy,” says Jordan. “I’ve thought about being a biomedical engineer, and health courses widen your options. Whether I choose to be a nurse, doctor or something else, this program helps me think about careers I could be involved in.”

“I love that we’ve been able to get hands-on experiences and learn while having fun.”

No matter what profession she pursues, Jordan is likely to pay forward mentorship to young students one day. Her advice for other students? Even when others are rooting for you, you have to be your own best advocate.

“The drive for education comes from within,” she says. “That desire to learn comes from within. So if you don’t instill in yourself that you must succeed in life you won’t be able to do well in school. You must help yourself first. You must believe you can do anything you want to achieve.” 

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Students Exemplify Strengths of CPS Initiatives

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