Innovation Meets Functionality

The main living space is on the top floor, where views are best and the ceilings planes can slope and let in clerestory light.


Designing and building homes within the urban core is often challenging due to space and zoning restrictions. But Platte Architecture + Design masters the process with creativity and innovation. The recently-built Pleasant Street residence is no exception.

The three-story home, located near Findlay Market in Over-the-Rhine, flips the idea of a traditional city house. While most homes get more private as you go upstairs, the Pleasant Street residence does the opposite. The living room is on the third floor, with large windows letting natural light enter the space.

The clients, Karen and Tim, came to Platte with ideas and research. They wanted a long-term home that maximized the space. After early iterations and collaboration, Platte designed a driveway through the ground floor, leading to a full auto court and a two-car garage. The inventive approach allowed the home to meet the confines of Over-the-Rhine’s historic and zoning rules, while also maintaining the client’s contemporary aesthetic.

“It’s a challenging balance sometimes, but I think we did it with modern detail and edges while still respecting the rhythm and placement in the neighborhood,” says Melissa Reddy, a project architect.

The home’s interior blends white walls, black accents, wide-plank floors and neutral decor, creating cohesion between all three floors. Each floor offers different outdoor views, including the backyard, neighboring buildings and the city street.

Karen and Tim also wanted a home that was durable and energy efficient. Like many Platte projects, this residence met LEED Platinum standards, a certification that verifies a home’s green features.

Throughout Cincinnati, Platte designs many single-family and multi-family residences, as well as commercial buildings, workplaces, places of worship and community centers. Thanks to its team of designers and architects, Platte creates unique, purposeful spaces that meet clients’ needs.


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