Innovation Helps Rocket Catering Success

Photography by Brian Ambs

Tantalizing cuisine, exemplary customer service and an innovative mind for business, are only a few of the many reasons why Four Seasons Catering has become one of the fastest growing catering businesses in the Tri-State. Co-owners Chef Michael and Melinda Gayon, are building a legacy in the culinary industry, bringing together their unique backgrounds and experience to create a thriving business where incredible food and stellar customer care are the pinnacles of their company.

Chef Michael has more than 20 years of experience in the culinary arts and trained at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu Paris. His enthusiasm for food comes from an innate desire to create an experience for his clients. For Chef Michael, it’s not enough to just prepare good food, he is passionate about ensuring that his clients leave an event saying how incredible and memorable the cuisine and entire experience was.

It is this mutual dedication and fervor that make Chef Michael and his wife, Melinda, such a good team. An incredible artist and baker extraordinaire, Melinda is ardent about creating a gorgeous event from delicious food to beautiful and personalized décor while delivering superior customer service. 

Four Seasons Catering is a privately owned corporate operation but Chef Michael and Melinda prefer to approach the business from the perspective of a mom-and-pop shop. From their clients, to their staff, the couple cares for everyone as though they were their own family. One member of that family is sous chef, Bobbie Meredith. Chef Bobbie was the ideal fit for the Four Seasons Catering family, bringing his strong culinary background, immense restaurant experience and love for food. 

Through shared passion, an innovative business model and an outside-of-the-box mentality, Four Seasons Catering operates as a full-service vendor for weddings, corporate and social events, but their array of services doesn’t stop there. 

This year, Four Seasons Catering opened their café, Four Seasons Panorama. The café serves a menu prepared from the freshest ingredients, and of the quality that would tempt the palate of any foodie or food connoisseur. At a budget friendly price, the cuisine and service parallels the high standard of quality that is expected from Four Seasons Catering.

The company found another leg in their business when they found that their baked goods were met with so much success that local restaurants and coffee shops began requesting to sell them. Without the specific intention, Four Seasons Catering expanded to become a supplier of baked goods. 

It is incredibly exciting to see how Four Seasons Catering will continue to innovate, enabling them to rocket as one of the premiere catering companies in the region. 

Four Seasons Catering is located at 11 West Seventh Street, Covington, KY 41011. You can reach them at 859.291.3663 or visit their website at