In the Heart of Cincinnati

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KMK: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Service


With offices in the downtown business center, Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL works with its clients across the country to find solutions for problems and develop strategies for the future. ​


Looking at the Queen City, it’s hard to deny the majestic skyline painted across the horizon. Most of us gape in wonderment at the stories of offices stacked upon one another in each building that plumes into the sky. We don’t typically think of the organizations holding those buildings in place.

Yet, those organizations – especially attorneys like the team at Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL (KMK Law) – are vital to Cincinnati’s strong and tall infrastructure.

The largest first-generation law firm in Greater Cincinnati, KMK celebrates its 60th anniversary of serving the legal and business needs of its clients, some of which have been with the firm since it was founded in 1954.

As a long-time member of Downtown Cincinnati Inc. (DCI), KMK is dedicated to improving the city’s downtown area. The law firm holds a board seat and has worked closely with the improvement organization and its members, representing them and paving the way for many who call downtown home.

“We have been intimately involved in both the creation and implementation of strategy related to the economic development process in the city,” says KMK Corporate Partner James J. McGraw, Jr. “We parallel and complement the work of DCI to make downtown more competitive and growth oriented.”

Since its inception, DCI has worked to make downtown a hub for activity, both in the residential and business arenas.

“DCI does a great job of promoting awareness and opportunities in downtown,” says KMK Real Estate Partner Daniel P. Utt.

Adds McGraw, “That’s why companies are interested in downtown...because DCI is working to keep it clean and safe. Their great work makes us even more excited to be involved in the strategic building and growth of downtown.”

“Downtown is the hub of the region; it’s the core, and everything emanates from the core,” says KMK Bond and Public Finance Partner Richard D. Spoor.

KMK and its real estate development clients have been integral to much of the area’s growth. From The Banks to OTR, KMK represents many businesses that are thriving in downtown Cincinnati.

“The more businesses that establish themselves here, the better the ripple effect will be within the city and beyond to the entire region,” Utt says. “It’s great to be a part of that.”


For more information about KMK, call 513.579.6400 or visit

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In the Heart of Cincinnati

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