In the Heart of Cincinnati

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Metro has increased services to better connect commuters with communities. 

SORTA Board Chair Jason Dunn 


When you see a bus, what do you think? For the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA), a bus means opportunity and growth. “Whenever there’s conversation about growth in this city,” says SORTA Board Chair Jason Dunn, “transportation has to be part of it.”

According to Dunn, public transportation in Cincinnati is a vital component to the city’s growth and connectivity.

“There’s growing interest in public transportation because there’s a need, especially from the outlying com- muter population,” says Dunn. “That’s why honing in on the economic impact of public transportation is critical.”

Serving the city and its many communities has been one of Metro’s main focuses the last few years. The creation of the Glenway Crossing Transit Center and the Uptown Transit District are two such examples. With enhanced shelters at UC Jefferson, Vine and Calhoun, UC’s Medical Center and Clifton Heights, the new Uptown District boasts the newest and most high-tech bus shelters along Metro routes.

Amenities such as real-time information kiosks and safety lighting are just a few of the features that make transportation easier for riders.

New fare options include the stored-value card and soon Metro will offer a day pass. Also soon, new mobile technology will enable riders to look up bus routes and precise arrival times. Metro is also working closely with

TANK to create a seamless public transportation system spanning from Northern Kentucky through the outlying counties surrounding Cincinnati.

“We’re asking ourselves how we can make it easy for people to use seamlessly connect to jobs, education and all the community has to offer,” says Dunn. “It takes funding and any funding we find we’ll contribute it to making service better.”

Dunn says he believes the agency is headed in the right direction, especially compared to other transportation organizations around the country.

After all, Metro’s service is an economic generator with nearly nine million rides a year related to employment.

“We’re keeping up with the times and asking the community what they want,” says Dunn. “We’re fulfilling those needs head on and will continue to do so.”


For riding information, call 513.621.4455; for customer relations, call 513.632.7575; or, visit

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In the Heart of Cincinnati

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