Improve Your Corporate Image with Art

There is no better way to make an impression and create an unforgettable experience for clients or business partners than with original artwork. Now more than ever, businesses and corporations are investing in paintings, photography and sculptures to transform their work environments into inspiring, enjoyable and welcoming spaces that are extensions of their brand identity.

“Every organization’s culture and brand is unique and the art selected should reflect their individuality and distinct message,” says Litsa Spanos, owner and president of ADC Art Design Consultants, Inc. 

For the past 25 years, Spanos has been working closely with local and national businesses to style their spaces with fine art pieces that she and her team of professional art consultants personally select. “The organizations we’ve worked with know firsthand the impact art can have on their employees and clients,” she says. 

Paul Darwish, Chief Business Development Officer and Director of Marketing for Graydon Law in downtown Cincinnati, hired Spanos to install art in their new offices to coincide with the launch of their new brand. “They listened intently to our desire to support local artists while creating a welcoming, vibrant space,” Darwish says. “ADC executed our desires beautifully, and our employees, clients and visitors truly love being here.” 

To learn more about ADC Art Design Consultants visit or their gallery on the fifth floor of The Edge Building, located on 310 Culvert Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Have a space you would like us to design with the perfect piece? Call us at 513.723.1222 or email