IT Troubleshooting Translates Into Tangible Savings

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A three-appliance platform operating at an amazing speed – that’s what makes Seattle-based ExtraHop the global leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT intelligence and business operations. Recently, this pioneering tech company has been helping put an exciting spring in the step of local businesses.

 “Cincinnati has shown a deep commitment to fostering and promoting tech entrepreneurship,” says Bill
Palmer, ExtraHop regional sales manager. “As a fast-growing tech company that has benefitted deeply from a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in another major U.S. city, we applaud Cincinnati’s efforts in this regard. We know how much it means.”

ExtraHop’s wire data analytics platform was recently dubbed the Best Emerging Solution in its field by top chief information officers from a host of middle market industries. The cutting edge company symbolizes the fastest, most efficient and economically feasible means of pinpointing problems and executing solutions when it comes to network performance management. 

 “We’re excited to work with many of Cincinnati’s established and growing organizations to help them
accelerate core business initiatives with intelligent, IT-driven insights,” Palmer adds. “Working with these companies has given me a front-row seat to many of the exciting projects that are taking root here. As part of the ExtraHop team, I look forward to seeing these companies grow and evolve.”

Unlike other IT analytics solutions, ExtraHop has a scalable, real-time, programmable stream processor for wire data, allowing them to troubleshoot faster, translating into more than tangible savings in time and dollars for its customers, says Rachel Pepple, manager of marketing communications for the company. 

“A company’s IT team has a huge amount of value to deliver,” she says. “The problem is figuring out how to harness all of that data and make it into something a business can work with.”

Enter ExtraHop.

McKesson Managed Services, headquartered in San Francisco – the oldest and largest health care services company in the nation – is one of ExtraHop’s more-than-satisfied customers. 

Ranked 11th on the Fortune 500 with more than $179 billion in annual revenue, McKesson hosts clinical, financial and electronic health record applications (EHRs) for hospitals helping them drive efficiency while providing quality healthcare. 

McKesson’s real-time wire data challenge?

According to a recent case study, their application hosting team must meet rigorous performance-based service level agreements (SLAs) even as it rapidly grows its customer base and infrastructure. As its application hosting business quickly expanded, so did the complexity of its data infrastructure. It was soon clear that the traditional ways of solving problems was not working. The company could no longer afford to bring in experts in every discipline to diagnose and fix problems.

ExtraHop analyzed McKesson’s real-time wire data, helped them gain the correlated, cross-tier visibility needed to quickly triage and troubleshoot performance issues. McKesson now grows its hosting business more efficiently while at the same time delivers excellent application performance. Thanks to ExtraHop, McKesson’s troubleshooting process is 90 percent faster. And because they rely less on specialist skills, the company saves more than $660,000 annually.

“Before, we would have deployed a team of specialists for weeks to manually troubleshoot poor performance,” says Scott Checkoway, director of application hosting at McKesson. “ExtraHop enables us to solve incredibly complex problems in a matter of hours. Extrapolated across our business, we’re saving at least $400,000 annually in terms of time spent troubleshooting.”

ExtraHop was founded in 2007 by Jesse Rothstein, CEO, and Raja Mukerji, president, and has more than 300 employees worldwide. They serve hundreds of customers spanning a wide range of industries from healthcare, financial services, aerospace and defense to retail, e-commerce and technology. Customers include Morgan Stanley, Lockheed Martin, McKesson, Alaska Airlines, Concur, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Steward Health and Practical Pharma.

Rothstein and Mukerji, formerly senior engineers/architects at F5 Networks, looked at all the information flowing between connective systems and saw that customers were struggling to gather needed insights. 

Company Profile

McKesson Managed Services hosts hospitals’ clinical, financial, and electronic health record (ERH) applications, helping them to drive efficiency and providing better care.


The application hosting team at McKesson must meet stringiest performance-based SLAs even as it rapidly grows its customer base
and infrastructure.


Using ExtraHop to analyze real-time wire data, McKesson gains the correlated, cross-tier visibility needed to quickly triage and troubleshoot performance problems.


90 percent reduction in mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)

75 percent improvement in Citrix launch and load times

Avoidance of SLA penalties

More than $660,000 in annual cost savings

Retirement of legacy infrastructure monitoring tools

“Extrahop helps IT professionals become Ironmen,” says Isaac Roybal, product marketing manager. “We give them the necessary technology to do the job.”

The best analogy, says Roybal, is to consider ExtraHop a tollbooth on an extremely busy highway.

“A massive number of cars pass through a tollbooth daily, and if you take statistics by stopping each car, writing down each license plate, VIN number, etc., think how slow the traffic through the tollbooth would go. At ExtraHop, we are able to take a picture of all the cars at one time without interrupting traffic at all. Jesse and Raj also capture the context of the traffic. They can tell you that a car carrying seven people with eight pieces of luggage are travelling east at 70 miles per hour on their way to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.”

 ExtraHop Global Headquarters is located at 520 Pike Street, Suite 1700, Seattle WA 98101. For more information, contact Rachel Pepple, manager of marketing communications, at 206.462.2240 or 206.375.2553, or visit their website,