IKOR Opens New Branch to Bring Healthcare Advocacy and Life Management Services to Cincinnati's Seniors and Disabled

Ryan O'Leary

IKOR, a growing network of offices offering healthcare and financial advocacy, life management services and guardianship, opened a new branch here today to help secure proper care and optimal quality of life for seniors and the disabled and assist legal and financial professionals in ensuring such care for their clients.

Ryan O’Leary, managing director of the new office, says he expects many families and professional firms throughout the area will be relieved to learn that there is now an experienced, authoritative voice available to answer the questions, make the decisions and handle the responsibilities weighing heavily on so many minds. O’Leary earned a B.S. in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Southern California, and an MBA in Marketing Strategy from Boston College’s Carroll Graduate School of Management. He recently became a certified senior advisor (CSA) through the Society of Certified Senior Advisors in Denver and joined the Midwest Chapter of the Aging Care Life Association as an associate member.

“I am honored to be heading up the team bringing IKOR’s services to Cincinnati,” he says. “We are poised to make life much easier and less stressful for so many, and to restore quality, dignity and independence to those who deserve it but may lack the ability to secure it on their own.”

The new office will bring to eastern and central Cincinnati IKOR’s comprehensive portfolio of medical, financial and disability advocacy and life management services. Whether it’s an aging parent whose evolving needs are weighing evermore heavily on their family, a child with a physical or mental disability who requires proper provisions today and a solid plan for the future, or a disabled person of any age who needs an authoritative voice in their corner, IKOR provides dedicated, experienced staff who secure and maintain the best-possible situations. Legal and fiduciary professionals whose clients face such challenges similarly look to IKOR as a trusted resource for managing their clients’ care.

IKOR’s Registered Nurse Patient Advocates are available all day, every day to address healthcare management, environmental or psychosocial crises. Specially trained staff on-call in each office can handle Power of Attorney authorizations, provide financial advocacy such as handling routine bill-pay and ensure that clients receive all public-program assistance to which they are entitled. Through its proprietary database-driven system, Datikor®, IKOR also ensures that everyone officially involved in a client’s case has real-time access to the information they need for peace of mind and seamless, accurate care.

IKOR has been providing these services for nearly two decades through a nationally expanding network. Since its launch in Kennett Square, Pa., in 2000, the company has continually looked to expand its services to address more of the issues surrounding people needing care. Most recently, IKOR added Life Management services to help caregivers and those in their care shoulder the burden of managing everyday life. For seniors, this may include:

  • navigating the healthcare system and advocating for proper care;
  • choosing the best living arrangements;
  • paying bills to ensure accounts remain current and products and services continue uninterrupted;
  • weeding out fraudulent offers and other scam mail to avoid unwarranted transfer of assets and rights;
  • serving as an objective third-party immune to the pressures of internal family conflict;
  • and other activities designed to alleviate the excessive demands on time, emotional exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed that often come with major life decisions or when separated by too long a distance to be on-call throughout the day, every day.

In providing these services, IKOR helps seniors live out their lives in the location best suited to their desires, resources and capabilities and attain maximum independence. At the same time, IKOR’s Life Management Services can help younger clients pursue greater independence and fulfillment by helping them arrange further education and employment, enabling to become more productive members of society.

IKOR’s Cincinnati office is located at 8044 Montgomery Road, Suite 700 in Cincinnati. To inquire about specific services, contact Ryan O’Leary at ryan.oleary@ikorglobal.com or call (513) 792-4073. General information on IKOR, including the company’s approach to healthcare and financial advocacy and guardianship, a complete list of services, client testimonials and more, may be found online at http://www.ikorglobal.com.