How to Beat Those Summertime Fine-Lines-and-Dull-Skin Blues

Natalie St. Clair, FNP-C, performs the Clear + Brilliant Laser

Tracy Doyle

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, I spy early signs of aging and I’m not enthralled.”

Is this your morning mantra? Fine lines and dull skin got you down? Are you thinking your face could use a bit of subtle rejuvenation?

If you replied with a resounding “YES” to the above questions, you might want to consider giving Natalie St. Clair, nurse practitioner at Donath Facial Plastic Surgery, a call. She’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss the difference a series of Clear + Brilliant laser treatments can make. This non-surgical procedure has been proven to shrink facial pores, smooth out skin tone and texture, and improve elasticity and youthfulness. It also improves permanent marks on one’s skin, such as acne and other scarring.

St. Clair, who was a registered nurse for 21 years, first became acquainted with the Clear + Brilliant laser procedure when she was weighing facial rejuvenation options and sought out world-renowned surgeon Dr. Alex Donath, M.D., F.A.C.S., for consultation.

“I was one of Dr. Donath’s clients before I became an employee,” she notes.

St. Clair was so happy with the results that she spoke to Donath about training, and later, after getting her nurse practitioner degree, shadowed him for six months. In addition to learning how to perform Clear + Brilliant laser treatments, St. Clair is also expertly trained in other non-surgical treatments offered at Donath Facial Plastic Surgery, including Liposonix, an ultrasound-based treatment Donath Facial Plastics Surgery offers to help clients achieve targeted weight loss.

“I have long respected Dr. Donath for his work and training, and I have a real passion for aesthetics,” St. Clair says. “I feel like doing small things over time can add great benefits.”

Clear + Brilliant

This gentle laser creates the minimal irritation necessary to the skin for a clinical result, but with less downtime than other lasers, St. Clair points out. The Clear + Brilliant lasers are non-ablative and don’t directly target the upper layers of skin, which translates into no need for extensive downtime. Clear + Brilliant lasers are fractionated, utilizing modern technology to create patterns of micro-injuries, sparing nearby skin. This effectively initiates cell turnover while leaving much of the skin intact, which reduces recovery time.

Clear + Brilliant sessions can be repeated every two to four weeks for between four and six sessions for the best results, St. Clair says, with most patients noticing skin changes after a single session. She also can provide clients with the skin care items necessary for proper aftercare.


An innovative non-surgical method for permanently reducing unwanted fat, Liposonix – an FDA-approved fat removal system – uses ultrasound energy to gently melt away excess fat cells. According to St. Clair, it’s a great non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction for those seeking a modest fat reduction in problem areas. Frustrated by those stubborn pockets or bulges of fat that have refused time and time again to respond to diet and exercise?  Liposonix is ideal for treating those areas. Think abdomen, “love handles,” waist, upper arms, back, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks, but just about any area of the body can be successfully treated, St. Clair explains.

“What we say is, if you can pinch an inch – it’s not for a person who wants to lose a great amount of weight,” she emphasizes.

How does it work? The ultrasound energy targets unwanted fat cells, permanently dissolving and destroying them. The dissolved fat is then absorbed through the body’s natural metabolic process over the course of several weeks. The treatment takes about one hour to complete, depending on the size and number of treatment areas, and there is little discomfort or pain.

“What’s nice is, Liposonix is a one-and-done procedure, as opposed to needing multiple sessions,” St. Clair says. Although minor skin pinkness, swelling, bruising or tenderness may occur for up to a few days after treatment, work and other normal activities can be resumed immediately

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