High Pointe Custom Homes Carefully Considers Partnership to Enhance Client Experience and Satisfaction

Photo by Tracy Doyle


Keys to an Enjoyable Home Building Experience

“As selective as potential customers should be when choosing a custom home builder, so must the home builder be selective when choosing trade partners, vendors, and suppliers,” says Mike Williams, owner of High Pointe Custom Homes in Mason.

Quality materials and products, excellent craftsmanship, trust, dependability, loyalty, a collaborative spirit, and a shared passion for not just building homes, but creating a sense of belonging and ownership among all those involved in the project. These are the characteristics Williams and his wife, Sarah, have traditionally looked for in their custom home-building team members.

“We’re all in it together,” Mike says. “The way our clients are treated when interacting with our trade partners is a reflection on us, and on their home-building experience with us. “

And it makes a big difference when a builder has an established history and personal rapport with his vendors.

Take, for example, High Pointe’s long-time relationship with McCabe Lumber in Loveland, a supplier heralded for hand-selecting its vendors and manufacturers. McCabe offers the latest in highest-quality interior and exterior doors, windows, decking, siding, molding, millwork, hardware and fasteners. Owner/sales manager Jerry Tepe, like Williams, has a passion for establishing long-term relationships with the builders and other customers he serves.

“A great building materials sales rep is critical in the building process,” Williams says. “Working with McCabe Lumber, and specifically our sales rep, Mike Barnes, is invaluable. The quality of their products translates directly into the tangible quality of the homes we build.  As a trade partner, it’s clear to us that McCabe also appreciates the importance of the relational side of building a custom home.”

Williams founded High Pointe Custom Homes in 2006.  Both he and his wife, Sarah, grew up in the Cincinnati area, graduating from Lebanon High School and Miami University with combined experiences in construction, business management, and information systems. “Everyone involved with High Pointe Custom Homes is
committed to offering clients a positive home building experience that stretches beyond a business transaction”, Williams adds.

“We work together to make sure our clients feel comfortable at every step of the process. Building a custom home is most often something they’ve never done before. No one likes surprises when building. At High Pointe Homes we work closely with the customer, keeping the lines of communication open, building trust, taking the unknown out of the process to ensure our customers enjoy the experience.”


Listening, Patience: High Pointe Trademarks

“A timeless, classic design that offers comfort and warmth – High Pointe Custom Homes was able to create that for us. We love our modern farm home they built for us in the Highlands at Heritage Hill community in Lebanon,” says Emily Baumann.  “The High Pointe team did an excellent job of collaborating with the other professionals we worked with, resulting in a wonderful finished product.

Building a custom home is a very personal journey”, she notes.

“And High Pointe put so much heart into building our home. It was wonderful to work with people who valued our family, valued our dollar, valued our timeline, and valued the bigger sense of community that we wanted to be a part of here. And they were happy to pause when we needed to regroup or change directions during the building process. They strike a perfect balance between being tremendously patient yet keeping the project momentum going.”

Baumann says she also appreciated the entire High Pointe team’s professionalism, patience, and collaborative approach- especially their desire to build a house that truly is a home.

“Mike and Sarah do an excellent job of cultivating an atmosphere that builds community between them, their vendors, and their clients,” she adds. “They immediately move you to a sense of belonging.”


Maintaining the Spirit of Collaboration

“Truly getting to know our clients and having an authentic personal relationship with them during and after the build makes all the difference,” Williams says.

That’s been the foundation of High Pointe Custom Homes from the beginning.

“If, as a builder, you and your trade partners are only focused on the transaction, and not the relationship with your customers, you risk losing the spirit of collaboration that is so vital to the overall success of the project,” Williams says. “When customers are satisfied and willing to share the positives of the High Pointe building process, perspective clients can sense the authenticity that comes from that deeper connection.”


High Pointe Custom Homes is located at 4234 Mason Pointe Drive, #100, Mason, OH 45040. For more information, call 513.229.0397 or visit www.buildwithhighpointe.com.

McCabe Lumber is located at 118 Northeast Drive,, Loveland, OH 45140. For more information call 513.683.2662 or visit www.mccabelumber.com.