Healthy Conversations

Photography by Catie Viox


Women today are immersed in so many responsibilities at once – from constant caregiver, industrious provider and devoted partner to tireless volunteer and helpful housekeeper – that they rarely find time to take care of themselves. A health need is often tossed to the “I’ll-get-to-it-later” back burner. If “later” ever comes, it may arrive as an overwhelming symptom search indicating anything from a minor bladder infection to a perplexing pelvic floor disorder.


“Alexa, what’s a pelvic floor?” followed by a hasty Google search for the proper medical professional might seem like a time-saving, convenient means of addressing one’s perceived medical concerns, but top women’s health physicians at The Christ Hospital Health Network have a better idea conveniently packaged in an easy to understand format — Hey Ladies, Let’s Talk About Women’s Health.

Hey Ladies, Let’s Talk About Women’s Health is The Christ Hospital Health Network’s convenient, easily-accessed online hub, designed by women for women and chockfull of lifestyle resources, a video series starring trusted women’s health experts and scheduled educational events. And it’s all but a click away (

“Women always take care of themselves last, so access to health information needs to be efficient and convenient, and that’s why The Christ Hospital Health Network has organized this program – to take care of women’s health concerns from late adolescence to early adulthood, from young women to women with families as well as the older and wiser,” says Sandra Eisele, M.D. FACS, MBA, an orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon at The Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center, and one of five participants on the Let’s Talk Ladies physician panel. “We have specialists that can help people with all types of problems, no matter their ages. It’s a program for women at all stages of life.”

Dr. Eisele is regularly joined in the Let’s Talk Ladies video series with Leanne Olshavsky, M.D., OB/GYN; Aparna Shah, M.D., urogynecologist; Geraldine Vehr, M.D., primary care physician and Jennifer Manders, M.D., breast surgeon.

The idea for the online hub originated after The Christ Hospital Health Network, an established leader in women’s health, assembled a focus group of women and asked them to talk about their medical needs, wants and frustrations with today’s healthcare. The upshot: women want their healthcare to be like Amazon and other easy and convenient services in their lives, and they want trustworthy, quality service. Hey Ladies, Let’s Talk About Women’s Health clearly meets those requirements, offering a holistic view of women’s health issues, insights from female physicians – many of whom are working moms with careers and families who understand what it takes to manage their busy lives – and connections to The Christ Hospital Health Network’s wide continuum of care.

In addition to the webisodes featuring the five physicians discussing the health dilemmas facing women today, Hey Ladies, Let’s Talk About Women’s Health also offers live events where women can talk to healthcare professionals in a safe, comfortable environment, and online scheduling options for primary care and screening appointments. Event topics have included Menopause and What You Need to Know, Women’s Health Myths Debunked, Mastering Midlife and Midlife and Beyond.

The Hey Ladies, Let’s Talk About Women’s Health website also provides overviews of women’s health issues in general, decade by decade – 20 & 30, 40, 50 and 60+ – overview for all life stages.

Whether women attend a live event, tune in to the latest webisode or read the educational materials offered on the website, Let’s Talk meets women where they are and promises to offer healthcare information that is meaningful and relevant to their lives, program organizers note.

Women, after all, are keen communicators who readily glean knowledge from their conversations with each other, Eisele adds. “It’s who we are.” 


Drs. Sandra Eisele, Leanne Olshavsky, Jennifer Manders, host Alexis Rogers, Drs. Geraldine Vehr and Aparna Shah


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