Grand Opening of the Joint & Spine Center

Photo by Tracy Doyle

The Christ Hospital Health Network is transforming orthopaedic care in the region with the opening of The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center.

The new center, which helps grow the hospital’s main campus in Cincinnati’s Mount Auburn neighborhood, marked its grand opening in late August. It is the centerpiece of the hospital’s transformation of the main campus.

The center is the first and only center of its kind in the region, providing comprehensive orthopaedic and spine care, sports medicine, rehabilitation, clinical research, and education in one location. The center is scheduled to open in fall 2015.

The center redefines the way care is delivered for patients with joint and spine disorders; it was designed around their experiences, from the time of their first consultation until their last day of physical therapy.

“The Joint & Spine Center allows us to provide better service for our patients, giving them access to the most advanced and integrated care,” says Herb Caillouet, executive director of the Joint & Spine Center. “This is the only facility of its kind in Greater Cincinnati and will be a destination for world-class orthopaedic care. It also helps us fulfill our mission of improving the health of the community and creating patient value by providing exceptional outcomes, affordable care and the finest experiences.”

Services include:

  • Foot and ankle care
  • Hand, wrist and upper extremities care
  • Imaging and diagnostic services, including MRI, digital X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT scans and electrodiagnostic testing
  • Joint replacement surgery utilizing specialized nerve block procedures to minimize pain and speed healing
  • Neurosurgery and neurologic spine care, including diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, infections of the brain or spine, stroke, tumors, vascular disorders or degenerative diseases
  • Spine care
  • Pain management
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Rheumatology
  • Sports and lifestyle orthopaedics 

The Joint & Spine Center, which sits atop Mount
Auburn and overlooks downtown, has 12 surgical suites designed under the guidance of the hospital network’s expert surgeons to provide the best outcomes and 87 private rooms specifically designed to meet the needs of joint and spine patients. Patient rooms are spacious with large windows for abundant natural sunlight to promote healing, providing an exceptional patient experience in an extraordinary environment.

“We worked closely with our architectural design team to develop an innovative way to incorporate the healing power of sunlight,” says Caillouet. “A light and airy environment is very beneficial for patients during the healing process. It’s an added plus for our doctors, nurses and caregivers to work in an upbeat and bright environment.”

Everything from the hallways to the operating rooms at the Joint & Spine Center has been designed to provide a more spacious feel. 

“The design was a collaborative process between the physicians and caregivers currently practicing at The Christ Hospital,” says Alfred Kahn, III, MD, executive medical director of Musculoskeletal Services at The Christ Hospital. “In the new operating rooms, we’ve
created abundant space for the latest innovative technology and room for technological advances in the future.”

The center also includes a hydrotherapy pool and an in-water treadmill with underwater video capabilities for individualized recovery. The latest in robotic technology has also been installed in the center.

Adding aesthetically appealing features to the Joint & Spine Center was a major part of the design process. The Center includes an outdoor garden with an infinity fountain and outdoor seating for the public, while the top floor features two rooftop gardens with stunning panoramic views of the Cincinnati skyline and a meeting room for up to 100 people. 


The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center is located at 2139 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219. You can reach them at 513.557.4900 or visit their website at