Give Yourself The Gift Of Head-To-Toe Revitalization

From left: Jill Manahan, D.O.; Asma Ansari, M.D.; Kevin Shumrick, M.D.; William Tobler, Jr., M.D.; Binh Nguyen, M.D.; and Jamie Welshhans, M.D.

Photo provided by TriHealth Cosmetic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center


The holidays are just around the corner, and the physicians and wellness and beauty experts at TriHealth Cosmetic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center are happy to help you restore a youthful appearance or reawaken your natural beauty.

“We have surgeons expertly trained in aesthetic surgery  – everything from facial rejuvenation to breast augmentation and body contouring. Your consultation with us can be as focused or comprehensive as you desire,” says William D. Tobler, Jr., M.D., whose practice includes all aspects of aesthetic surgery.

Mommy Makeovers are particularly popular, Dr. Tobler notes. A recent patient, Jennifer Ranz, for example, noticed that childbirth had a major effect on the shape of her body. “The skin just kind of hung there,” she says.  Jennifer was reluctant at first to see a plastic surgeon, but after years of feeling self-conscious about her body, she decided to seek a consult with Dr. Tobler. She immediately felt comfortable following her initial consultation. “I felt at ease, with complete confidence in [Dr. Tobler’s] abilities,” she recalls.

Jennifer regained her self-confidence after surgery and is very happy with the results.

“I can wear whatever I want, and I can even exercise however I want without that skin getting in the way,” she says. “I’d tell anybody with similar concerns to go ahead and at least schedule a consultation. Then you can decide if it’s the right fit for you. If it is, go ahead and do it.”

TriHealth Cosmetic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center is a one-stop mind/body/spirit renewal shop, Dr. Tobler points out. “I think what differentiates us from other plastic surgery centers is that instead of sending you here, there and somewhere else, you can get it all done in one place. We can combine appointments, so you can see the aesthetician and the surgeon on the same day. We also have a dermatologist on staff. I don’t know of any other site in the region that offers so many multidisciplinary opportunities in one location. Free two-hour childcare is also available from ages 6 weeks to tween during your consultation or service. We are thrilled to be part of TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion, which is a premier and complete health care center.”

TriHealth Cosmetic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center also offers spa amenities such as massage, acupuncture, nail services, holistic health experts and highly-skilled aestheticians. In addition, the center partners with Eminence Organic Skin Care to provide all-natural and organic skin care products that promote your skin’s health and wellness.


The TriHealth Cosmetic Surgery and Rejuvenation Center is located at 6200 Pfeiffer Road, Suite 350, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 513. 246.5454 or visit