Flying High on Cincinnati's Explosive Growth


Cincinnati has a $132 billion economy, and it has not only eclipsed Columbus as Ohio’s largest city, but is also the fastest-growing city in the Midwest. With big growth comes businesses that need to move quickly to keep up. One company making its mark and to help keep Cincinnati competitive is Flight Solutions. 


Flight Solutions provides aircraft sales and acquisition, charter brokerage services and shared ownership and leasing services to small business owners and busy executives.


Private Business Aviation

“There’s a practical side of most Midwesterners, and I think at first pass that may make them shy away from considering private aviation,” says Flight Solutions general manager Andy Shiver. “But when you consider saving time on things like delays, cancellations and just the general stress of commercial flying, you see how private business aviation helps our clients get back to what they love doing – whether that’s growing their business or spending more time with their families.” For growing companies in need of better solutionsfor their leadership and high-level executives who have demanding travel schedules, Andy encourages them to reach out for a conversation about assessing the cost and benefit of private aviation across a range of options.


A Smart Way to Share Costs and Benefits 

Shiver points out that there are some innovative ways to reduce the costs of private business aviation through Flight Solutions’ exclusive and privately managed fleet, Jet Club or charter fleet brokerage services. He notes, “For businesses considering private aviation, we have affordable models offering greater choices where their teams can enjoy all the benefits of private travel but at a greatly reduced cost and without sacrificing the quality and experience.” Shiver adds, “It’s a business model that benefits everyone because we share resources among our Jet Club members. We manage the fleet, crew and maintenance so our clients don’t have to.”


Competitive Edge

"Alleviating the headaches and stress of commercial travel is a closer reality than most people realize,” explains Shiver. “And while it is an investment to fly privately, the payoff is more time, better health and happier employees. It truly helps companies and individuals perform better over the long haul and provide the kind of competitive edge businesses are looking for.” It’s that perspective of long-term growth and smart decision-making that has given Flight Solutions its 25- year history of accident- and incident-free flying. Their pilots and technicians meet the industry’s highest safety standards. 


Keeping Cincinnati Moving

Flight Solutions keeps executives and small business owners able to do business all over the country, bringing resources, opportunities and jobs back to Cincinnati.


Flight Solutions, Inc. in Cincinnati is located at 2820 Bobmeyer Road at the Butler County Regional Airport. For more information, call 800.281.9301, email or visit