Finding Compassion Through Pain


Pain led Natasha Kohorst to her passion. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without having gone through the suffering I’ve experienced.”

Natasha Kohorst of Deer Park doesn’t dwell on the negative. Her warm and bubbly personality welcomes everyone she meets. Most would never know that this 44-year old Harley rider has had both hips replaced and suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Natasha, originally from California, relocated with her husband to Cincinnati 20 years ago. She has three children. Her youngest will be leaving for college this fall, creating an empty nest.  Some might say that now is the time to discover new interests, but Natasha found her calling years ago.

Rewind to Natasha’s 40th birthday, as she sat in her orthopaedic physician’s office. She left that visit with a cane, a diagnosis of Protrusio acetabuli, and a recommendation to have both hips replaced. She had suffered a loss of mobility for some time, but never knew the severity and extent of the situation until that day.

After the surgeries, her recovery was slow. Her daughter, Sydney, who has Multiple Sclerosis, suggested she try yoga for relief.

After some resistance and time, Natasha decided to try it at her local YMCA, saying, “What did I have to lose?” Her first sessions were slow and painful, but she persisted. She began to find relief for her physical pain and a renewed mental strength.

She became a regular yogi, visiting many classes. The relationship she formed with instructor, Betsy Brothers, propelled her to the realization that she wanted to become an instructor. “My background in psychology is a perfect fit for this career,” says Kohorst. She earned her certification and teaches regularly at Gracetree Yoga in West Chester, Ohio and at various YMCAs. She specializes in Hatha yoga, especially with expectant mothers.

Not only does she help participants in her studio, she also helps her community of Deer Park, Ohio.  She convinced the Deer Park council to allow a Saturday yoga class at their public park. “This community has served my family well and I want to see it thrive with new opportunities.”

The pain Natasha has suffered brought her to a place where she desires to help others cope with their suffering with a friendly smile and bold laugh. She works with every age and every ability.  No coercion, only complete compassion.


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