Fashion for Freedom

Spring is abloom, and with the change in seasons comes the sweet scent of renewal. Off with the heavy, on with the light. Time to step into something light and simple, yet stylish. When you don a dress by GKM Design, your sense of style also denotes significance.

Geetha Minton’s unique, hand-made dresses, inspired by traditional Indian clothing, are perfect for parties, celebrations or special events. Her dress line combines a Western draped cut with the beautifully detailed look of an Indian sari or a lehenga, a long, embroidered and pleated skirt.

Minton’s goal is to employ women in the Eastern European country of Moldova where human trafficking rates are high. Every dress she sells is a step toward supplying these women, recently rescued from sex slavery, with skills, income, a safe work environment and a renewed sense of self-worth. 

Photography by Chandra Venkataramani, Tack Sharp Studios

Modeled by Alexandra Bullock, Wings Model Management

Hair by Kendall Brookbank, Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon

Makeup by Andrea Grefer, Tanya’s Image & Wellness Salon