Fall in Love with Your Florist Again 

Photography by Daniel Smyth 

There are many things that go into planning a wedding, some simple and some more complicated. For couples that might not have a wide knowledge of floriculture, choosing just the right flowers for bouquets, centerpieces and decorations may seem perplexing.

Kristen Sekowski, owner and founder of Yellow Canary, says the most important thing couples should do when selecting flowers is to keep an open mind. “Many times, brides will be set on a specific flower,” says Sekowski. “It’s great to want to incorporate your favorites, but there are many options available to make arrangements look gorgeous.” Floral and event design studios like Yellow Canary are experts at what they do, and couples can rest assured that arrangements for their wedding will be put together with care and consideration.

One key detail couples should have in line before meeting with their florist is the overall color palette for the big day. “It’s very helpful to have some idea of color,” says Sekowski. “We want to work to keep the theming of your flowers consistent.”

She adds that couples should consider their venues for both reception and ceremony, and “work with your space, not against it.” For example, a chapel with many ornate decorations may not benefit from large floral arrangements, but a reception hall that is less ostentatious would. Sekowski also cautions brides to use Pinterest and other online inspirations sparingly. “Girls can sometimes become overwhelmed with all the options and styles out there, and have a hard time figuring out their own personal style as a result,” she says. “Don’t over-research things. We don’t want to create a mix of styles, we want to find the bride’s style and show that off throughout the arrangements.”

Sekowski says she has also noticed changing trends in arrangements that reflect other aspects of a wedding. “People are beginning to use longer tables for guests at the reception instead of round ones,” she says. “This changes the way the arrangements are done. Brides are also moving away from tall table arrangements in favor of lower, more medium-scale pieces.”

Flowers are an integral piece of most weddings: they carry the theme and color scheme throughout each step of the way, while adding a customizable and awe-inspiring element to the wedding. From the bouquet a bride holds as she walks down the aisle to the centerpieces at the reception, designers like Sekowski know what arrangements to provide and what looks best. It’s important for brides to let go of the wheel from time to time and let the experts guide the way. 


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