Executive Perspectives in Healthcare – Mike Keating

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LC: Do you collaborate with doctors to improve the level of care your patients receive?

MK: Absolutely, as physicians play a most critical role in care. Their decisions directly affect the quality of care, the cost of care and outcomes. No major decision is made at the Christ Hospital without physician input. We have four physicians who currently serve on the board of the hospital. We have six clinical service lines and each service line is led by what we call a triad with a physician lead, a nursing lead, and an executive lead. We also have a medical executive committee and a physician advisory committee which guide us in our decisions relative to patient care. Collaboration with our physicians is a hallmark of our culture.

LC: Why is it so important to have them involved and also serving on your board?

MK: Physicians best understand the nuances of delivering care. So when we make decisions as a healthcare network, it’s important to receive that input from the physicians and others directly working with our patients relative to how we deliver care, how we deliver the patient experience and how we provide the best outcomes

LC: Why is that important to give physicians the opportunity to choose whether they would prefer to be employed by The Christ Hospital or remain independent?

MK: At The Christ Hospital, we allow physicians to choose how they want to work on our platform, whether as an independent or employed physician. By allowing physicians to choose, we are able to attract the best physicians in the region. Our compact with the physicians is that the hospital will provide the best medical platform so they can provide the best medical care.

LC: What are some of the biggest challenges overseeing such a large organization?

MK: The Christ Hospital is approaching billion dollars of revenue, with about 1,200 credentialed physicians, 5,300 employees, two and a half million square feet of space throughout our network. So, we have an extensive medical presence in the community. The opportunities of overseeing such a large organization are really twofold. The first opportunity is to always assure we deliver individual coordinated care to each patient with the clinical expertise of a large, nationally recognized medical center. The second opportunity is to assure we stay close to the pulse of the organization. This is important so that we understand what’s working and what’s not so that we can continue to deliver the best outcomes and the best patient experience in an affordable way.

LC: How has your background been helpful in your current role?

MK: In 1991, a business colleague approached me about

serving on The Christ Hospital board. I served on the board for a number of years and then had the opportunity to serve as chair of the board for five years. So, having been around healthcare for many years and having the benefit of being around a lot of different businesses including banking and law, you get a sense for what works and what doesn’t and what it really takes to drive a business.

LC: What will the new Joint and Spine Center include?

MK: The new Joint and Spine Center which sits atop of Mt. Auburn and overlooks downtown will provide comprehensive orthopaedic and spine care, sports medicine, rehabilitation, clinical research, and education in one location. The center will have 90 rooms, 12 operating rooms and an aquatic center for rehabilitation. The patient rooms are roomy with large windows to accommodate sunlight and a healing environment. We will have a wonderful, glass enclosed conference center at the top that provides meeting space for clinicians and other professionals and will allow us to host community events.

LC: How is Mount Auburn changing?

MK: Mount Auburn is going through a revitalization with the leadership of the Mt. Auburn Chamber of Commerce and Community Council. The Christ Hospital is an urban hospital and has invested significant dollars in its main campus and in the Mt. Auburn community. And, there are other individuals investing in this community. In the near future, I believe you will to see a most vibrant Mount Auburn which will complement the progress being made in Over the Rhine and Uptown. Interestingly, Mt. Auburn is the geographic link between those two urban communities.

LC: What does the future of The Christ Hospital look like?

MK: The future of The Christ is most promising. We are nationally recognized for our clinical outcomes, patient experience and nursing excellence. We are most preferred by patients and consumers throughout the region. We are growing and extending our clinical excellence into community. Our promise to our patients is to create patient value. And, we are committed to that mission and most thankful to our patients for allowing us to provide for their care.


The Christ Hospital is located at 2139 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219. You can find a physician by calling 513.585.1000 or visit their website at www.thechristhospital.com