Exceptional Caterers Add Event Planning to the Menu

Photography provided by Kortnee Kate Photography

Every wedding is as different as the couple saying “I do,” but there is one factor that remains the same for each one: the day is about the bride and groom. That’s why every vendor and source working on the wedding must strive to make each wedding perfect. As Michael Forgus, managing partner of Funky’s Catering Events emphasizes, “There is no tolerance for mediocrity.” 

It is this push for excellence that brought about the rebranding and expansion of Funky’s from caterers to full-scale event mangement. The company strives to meet the needs of every engaged couple searching for only the best. Whether it’s through trustworthy partners that have worked intimately with Funky’s for years or through their own in-house amenities, the company is able to do everything for a wedding from food to flowers and more. 

It’s rare for a catering service to also be a single-source supplier, but the company is determined to bring the best of the best to each wedding through this process. 

Since 2006, the company has partnered with the best vendors in Cincinnati while working to perfect their catering for weddings that choose to hire other event planners. Now, couples can work with Funky’s preferred wedding vendors that include a variety of opportunities and themes. Through Funky’s, couples have access to venues throughout Greater Cincinnati, including premier locations that are partners with the company, like the Anderson Pavilion Culinary Group.

For modern-themed weddings, the new Anderson Pavilion beneath Carol Ann’s Carousel in Smale Park is an excellent option, while more romantically inclined couples might be smitten with the beauty and historic charm of Pinecroft at Crosley Estate. Additionally, Funky’s is working to renovate and open The Transept, a new facility near Music Hall in Over-the-Rhine. This location, once fully renovated, will have a new, restored and revitalized interior that honors the original 170-year-old gothic architecture and structure, while bringing in new amenities and touches. 

After spending more than 11 years as a catering company, Forgus says that he and his partners found themselves wanting to become involved in every aspect of wedding planning. 

“We made a conscious decision to get into the wedding business in 2006,” he says. “And we realized that, as a wedding vendor, you’re either in the background rolling with the punches or you’re out in front leading the event. We wanted to be leaders.” 

Since Funky’s is focused on making each event perfect, it’s no surprise that the company is investing that same effort in its employees. Funky’s provides each employee with regular training sessions and encouraging them to hold themselves accountable as individuals and part of a team. It’s this culture that breeds a push for excellence from each team member. “Everyone at our company is held to the same high standards,” says Forgus. 

Although the company stands on its own as a full-service wedding and event planner, they still wholeheartedly encourage partnerships with event planners and other vendors in town when they’re not at the wheel. Jerin Dunham, chief operating officer and partner of Funky’s Catering Events, says they don’t see other wedding planning services as competition; they totally value and enjoy their relationships with event planners who hire Funky’s for catering.

But, in the end, nothing beats the full Funky’s experience. “When we’re planning a wedding, we become an advocate for the family, helping them to answer questions with vendors and keep everything running smoothly,” says Dunham. 

Forgus and Dunham explain that each person in Funky’s professional family serves a purpose in the wedding planning process. There’s a go-to person for flowers, décor and design, someone for catering concerns, and more, all under one umbrella. “We have the ability to coordinate with other vendors to achieve everything our clients want,” says Forgus. “We want to spend time with our clients to capture their vision, memorialize it and execute it perfectly.” 

With this in mind, Funky’s has successfully crafted a full-service event planning company that offers a wide range of customization for each wedding, ensuring that every couple will have a multitude of options for their dream day. From the delicious food gracing tables in a gorgeous reception hall to decorations and entertainment that complement the event perfectly, Forgus’ passion to provide the best for his clients is palpable.

“Weddings are a very emotional time for people, and they want it to be perfect,” says Forgus. “All we care about is ensuring our clients have the best experience possible, whether it’s with us as the event planner or it’s us working with other teams and event planners.” 

Funky’s Catering Events is located at 1761 Tennessee Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229. You can reach them at 513.841.9999.