Exceeding Expectations

Photography provided by Ford-Ellington Wedding & Event Design


“We work hard to really understand what each client is anticipating and what they expect from us. We work really hard throughout the whole process, from booking the wedding to any concerns they may have and eliminating any surprises that may arise on the day of,” says Ford. 

To put clients at ease and eliminate surprises, Ford’s team creates sample designs once the flowers are available. Then a look table is built at the wedding venue. That includes linens, chairs, lighting, candleholders, dinnerware and any other elements the couple might have selected. 

“This gives the client an opportunity to see the design in the space and make any changes,” says Ford. “If they want to look at different linens, we’ll have options available, so they can see it. Having the sample also gives us an opportunity to explain each flower and explain why we selected it for the arrangement.” 

The communication doesn’t stop between the client and vendor once the designs have been approved. Brides-to-be are updated up to the day of their wedding. 

“During the week of their event we call and send messages letting them know things like the flowers have arrived to alleviate any anxiety,” says Ford. “I think one of the biggest problems when hiring a professional is feeling like things aren’t going according to the client’s schedule. So letting them know that their event is valued and moving smoothly is important to us.” 

On the day of the wedding, Ford personally gives the client a first look of their space before guests arrive. 

“I think it’s really important to have a first look, because it gives them a chance to realize, ‘Oh, we just got married!’ It’s one of their first private moments together and they get to see everything they’ve been working on come to life.”

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