Everyday Luxury

Chrystal Scanlon

Sitting in highway construction or stop-and-go traffic can add stress to people’s already hectic schedules. Jaguar Land Rover Cincinnati wants to make time spent in the car more relaxing and comfortable with the launch of two new 2017 models: the Jaguar F-PACE and Jaguar XE.

The first sports utility vehicle ever made by the luxury brand, the F-PACE is packed with new features and keeps in step with the high expectations that come along with the Jaguar name.

“The reaction to the F-PACE have been overwhelming,” says Dave Hildebrandt, general sales manager at Jaguar Land Rover Cincinnati. “We’ve already sold dozens only days after launching the new model.”

With engine options in both 340hp and 380hp, the F-PACE shares the same V6 supercharged engine as the sporty F-TYPE and can go from 0 to 60 MPH in 5.1 seconds. The vehicle’s lightweight aluminum architecture enhances handling and braking compared to cars with a steel base.

One of the more innovative and convenient features is the introduction of the Activity Key that is a waterproof wristband that locks the vehicle.

“You can leave your keys in the car and put on the Activity Key,” says Hildebrandt. “You can then lock the car and disable the key by touching the Jaguar logo on the trunk with the wristband.  When you get back, just tap it again to unlock the doors and enable the key. It’s great for people with active lifestyles.”

The F-PACE also comes with Jaguar EliteCare that provides complimentary scheduled maintenance, roadside assistance and a warranty for the first five years or 60,000 miles.

“People are excited about getting a performance SUV and not having to spend performance SUV-type money on the F-PACE,” says Hildebrandt. “You can get into an F-PACE for about $30,000 less than other brands.”

Price-conscious consumers will also be surprised with the XE, which checks in as Jaguar’s lowest price point.

“The XE is perfect for anyone who is looking to enter into a luxury brand for the first time,” says Hildebrandt. “Or for customers who want the luxury experience in a bigger car.”

Billed as a compact luxury sedan, the Jaguar XE has a similar suspension system to the F-TYPE that gives drivers great handling and response through the Jaguar “connected” steering feel.

“I know it’s better than anything else in its category for driving capability,” says Hildebrandt.  “For safety, we have a technology suite that brings us on par with all other manufacturing.”

Features like the Head-Up Display that uses a laser projection to show directions and your current speed on the windshield, the XE Blind Spot Monitor that uses radar to cover hard-to-see areas while driving, and the Lane Keep Assist that can sense an unintentional lane drift and steer the vehicle back into its lane all use technology to assist the driver and keep everyone in the vehicle safe.

The new models’ InControl Touch entertainment and informational system is featured prominently as an 8-inch or 10.2-inch touchscreen.

“There’s hardly any learning curve when a driver first sits in a F-PACE or XE and starts using the system,” says Hildebrandt. “Everyone is familiar with touchscreens and it’s the most intuitive system out there.

“There aren’t any knobs or buttons that you sometimes have to use. Everything can be done from the touchscreen. It’s unrivaled.”

The graphical interface serves as the central hub for not just the navigation and music options, but also the Bluetooth phone connection, climate control and driver assistance systems. Voice-enabled command to reduce distraction while driving is also available through InControl Touch.

“We’ve had such a success with the Land Rover brand, it’s great for us to be able to bring these exciting new launches from Jaguar to Cincinnati,” says Hildebrandt. “These cars have been developed from the ground up in order to provide everyday performance, everyday comfort and everyday luxury.”

Jaguar Land Rover Cincinnati is located at 9115 Blue Ash Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. You can reach them at 513.791.1000 or visit their website at www.cincyjlr.com.