Every Picture Tells a Story

Images provided by Bambino International artists


Capturing the unique story behind every photograph continues to drive the success of Bambino International, a Cincinnati leader in artistic vision for 20 years.

The Bambino International dream team of Michael Bambino, Michelle Jackson and Nidhi Bedi may have been formed through a chance meeting, but the passion and sense of adventure expressed in their work is intentional.

“We’re a strong, collaborative trio,” says Bambino, one of the region’s most recognized high-end photographers. His journalism/street art/wedding background, combined with Jackson’s  innovative talent and documentary-style expertise and Bedi’s business savvy and keen creativity, resulted in the establishment of Bambino International’s fine art divisions – Bridal Couture, Little Bambino and the recently launched online Urban Design Gallery.

“After Bambino and I were introduced through Bedi, we quickly realized it was the perfect business opportunity for both of us,” says Jackson. “He’s so passionate about photography and I am, too, and it was very surprising to both of us how we complemented each other in our professional approaches.”

When it comes to Jackson’s style of photography, she loves documenting in the moment, seeking true candid expressions. Jackson’s narrative flair offered the perfect fresh face Bambino envisioned for Little Bambino.

“When photographing a child, or any subject, we’re always looking for the opportunity to capture the unique story behind the moment,” he says. “We may not know when that moment is going to happen, or how, but when it does, that’s our shot and it’s magical.”

Bambino International takes great pride in recruiting Cincinnati’s finest artists, Bambino notes.

“As we celebrate 20 years, we’re still pushing our technique and style to stay on the most cutting edge,” he says. “It’s not just photography to us. It’s personal.”

For more information about Bambino International, or to reserve a Bambino artist for upcoming events, call 513.282.9774 or visit www.bambinointernational.com.