Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Well-being

Photography provided by Somi Javaid, M.D. & Associates

Passion is palpable when Somi Javaid, MD, talks about her patients. From the spa-like lobby and welcoming exam rooms to Dr. Javaid’s enthusiastic and approachable manner, her new practice is in stark contrast to the typical gynecologist office.

Dr. Javaid chose to go into women’s medicine after her mother had a near-death experience in her mid-40s due to misdiagnoses from physicians. “I was pre-med at the time and she ended up having emergency quadruple bypass surgery,” says Dr. Javaid. “My mission is to help women take control of their medical decision making and not just take their doctor’s word for it.” 

After more than a decade practicing in Cincinnati, Dr. Javaid was inspired to break out of the city’s healthcare conglomerate and open a small, women-focused one-stop-shop for complete health and wellness. Dr. Javaid hand-selected her team of highly trained and compassionate women, including nurse practitioner Donna Abdelnour. Every aspect of Somi Javaid, M.D. & Associates is focused on nurturing a higher sense of well-being. 

Dr. Javaid’s sexual medicine certification is one of many aspects that sets her apart from the majority of area gynecologists. She initiates a comfortable dialogue with each patient to demonstrate not only the normalcy, but also the importance of sexual health. Dr. Javaid offers a safe, knowledgeable space for survivors of abuse and patients who have survived cancer but feel broken due to chemotherapy treatments and poor body image. “We want to help them take back their lives after surviving,” says Dr. Javaid. “To be somebody who will move on and not always be defined by their scars, although every scar has a story.” 

In addition to gynecology, expertise of menopause, bioidentical hormones and sexual medicine, the practice offers a wide array of medical aesthetic procedures. These non- to minimally invasive, in-office cosmetic procedures are designed to enhance a patient’s natural beauty and reduce signs of aging. Dr. Javaid is the only area physician to offer UltraShape® Body Sculpting, a clinically proven technique that targets and destroys fat cells without any need for incisions, injections or sedation. People from Toledo, Lexington and Louisville make the trip to receive this revolutionary treatment from Dr. Javaid, who says that the aesthetic treatments are never suggested, but rather offered to patients who express insecurities. Those patients are then consulted on how they can develop higher self-esteem and a healthier body image. “I don’t offer anything that isn’t both efficacious and safe – I have a deep level of trust with my patients,” says Dr. Javaid. 

That level of trust and partnership with her patients translates to her certification of the new Addyi pill for women with low libido who are otherwise in good health. Dr. Javaid explains that despite the growing waiting list of interested patients, she is selective in prescribing the medication. 

Dr. Javaid’s mission to provide care and education extends from her patients and encompasses the women in our community. Each month the practice chooses an organization to support. They currently have an ongoing partnership with Dress for Success Cincinnati. When someone brings in an accessory or career clothing for women, they’re given a $20 credit that can be redeemed in the medical spa. 

Their newest charitable campaign is related to a procedure Dr. Javaid performs called NovaSure® endometrial ablation. This in-office procedure can lighten or even stop a woman’s heavy or irregular period without surgery or the risks associated with a hysterectomy. “These women no longer need their tampons or pads, so we would ask that they help out a fellow sister in need by donating,” says Dr. Javaid. “Sanitary items are expensive and are a necessity at women’s shelters that often get looked over.” 

Somi Javaid, M.D. & Associates has been a part of many other local charities including Q102’s Bosom Ball and the Pink Ribbon Luncheon. “I’m very passionate about helping women to feel comfortable and understood, not alienated,” says Dr. Javaid. “It’s all about helping women feel healthy, taking charge of both their mind and body.”

Somi Javaid, M.D. & Associates is located at 8350 East Kemper Road, Suite A, Cincinnati, OH 45249. You can reach them at 513.404.4166 or visit their website at www.drsomijavaid.com.