Empowering Leaders to Run Cincinnati Businesses

The Definity Partners technology team helps organizations optimize, customize and integrate new technologies to simplify the run and get upper management out of the day-to-day firefighting.

Photography by Brian Ambs


Everyone knows what it’s like to get caught up in the day-to-day. You have a mile-long to-do list and no time to get beyond the “emergencies” and even basic tasks that seem nearly unending.

Escaping this workplace hamster wheel is the problem Definity Partners seeks to solve for their clients with Definity’s Run, Improve, Grow business model.

“Run, Improve, Grow (RIG) is a proven business model focused on empowering your frontline leaders to run your business, stimulating a culture of consistent growth and constant innovation,” says Definity’s Vice President of Technology and Managing Partner Tim Bankes. “RIG drives every person in your organization to understand their part in the success of your business.”

The three components of the RIG model begin with allowing frontline leaders to take ownership of day-to-day operations (the run), which then “liberates managers who no longer need to spend time fire-fighting, so they can then focus on improving the business through proactive improvements.”

Bankes explains, “With the frontline running the business and middle management focusing on improving the operations, senior management are free to think bold and focus on growth into new markets, new geographies or new products and services.”

Definity seeks to help clients “accomplish more than they ever thought they could.”

How does this look from a client’s stand point? Like a win-win situation.

“It’s been awesome working with Definity for the last two years,” says Eric Ludwig, director of operations for Midwest Industrial Supply, a company that develops environmentally-friendly road stabilization products. “Their approach was exactly what we were looking for and needed. We needed to get the ‘process improvement’ concept out of the boardroom and onto the shop floor, and they helped us do it, while building mutual respect with the people on our front line. We have a workforce and staff we trust and rely on. We want to make their life easier so they aren’t going home frustrated. We wanted to clean up processes, make everything visual, have systems and schedules people would believe in. We wanted to help our front line work smarter.”

In addition to many other changes, Definity helped Midwest Industrial incorporate an action tracker and visual systems such as huddle boards to highlight processes and make things move more smoothly.

Before working with Definity, Ludwig says, “I was 99 percent in the ‘run,’ putting out fires. It was all reactionary. There was no proactive view. But with this process, I was able to move into the improve and grow areas.”

Bankes says Definity tailors its Run, Improve, Grow model with custom solutions for each client, seeking to create a “culture of contagious growth.”

“Our technology team works hand-in-hand with your organization and our RIG Leaders, applying technology to fuel innovation and, consequently, fuel growth,” he says. “Specifically, our technology team focuses on things like business process automation to reduce bottlenecks, duplication of work, poor communication, lack of visibility, time wasted searching for information, errors, rework, low customer satisfaction, productivity issues and loss of business. We implement systems that drive positive changes in leadership and support an environment to lib- erate the frontline leaders to run the business.”

Bankes encourages businesses to continue to questions whether they are innovating. “Bold promises lead to innovation and constant innovation is a key to long-term organizational sustainability,” says Bankes. “Is your organization developing the transformation standards for growth and a forward-thinking technology strategy to support the development of your people, process and product? If you’re not innovating, you’re not growing. Organizations need to focus on how and when to optimize their current systems or utilize custom applications and disruptive technology specifically for your unique business processes. Definity’s RIG Leaders and technology team are primed to help you determine your next bold move.”


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