Education, Independent Advice, User-Friendly Technology

Keys to Navigating Group Health Benefit Options

Photography by Catie Viox


But first and foremost, they understand the value human interaction brings to offering impeccable customer service through identifying, customizing and managing benefit plans to ensure they continue to meet each client’s evolving needs.

“We’re really about education,” says Steve McAbee, president of Lang Financial Group. “At the end of the day, we need to educate employer groups and employees on the best way to use a [benefits] plan.”

Lang Financial Group offers a wide range of carriers and benefits, and that independence allows its brokers to customize clients’ plans so they reach their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible – no small feat considering today’s complex and often bewildering healthcare-plan landscape, McAbee notes.

“We believe health insurance brokers must be properly educated on carrier plan choices, reimbursement arrangements, compliance laws, administrative policies, HR management/enrollment systems and software, contractual terms and employer financing arrangements in order to provide effective consultations and offer meaningful value and cost control to their clients.”

Today’s healthcare system is changing to directly reward providers for delivering better value and better patient outcomes, he notes. “The ‘bundled payment’ approach to provider reimbursement, when implemented properly, holds the promise of bending the healthcare cost curve.”

At the base of Lang Financial Group’s superb customer service foundation lies its commitment to building long-term relationships with clients by developing an understanding of their goals and specific benefits needs, says McAbee. It’s that commitment to education and relationship building that has successfully grown the group’s brand for more than 50 years.


User-Friendly Technology

Lang Financial Group adopted user-friendly technology early on and is dedicated to using it to assist its clients with benefit administration as well as drive employee engagement. Hence, this group of financial advisors is known for providing seamless, real-time integration with payroll providers and can provide direct carrier feeds. The insurance broker’s systems and software are perfectly suited to transactional tasks, serving up information, guiding users through complex interactions.

The client always comes first, McAbee concludes. As an independent broker, Lang Financial Group not only creates a plan with solutions that best protect each client and fit their budget, brokers meet with their clients regularly to review their policies, always ready to make necessary changes as situations and legislative policies change.


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