Eddie Lane's Diamond Showroom Named Consumers' Choice Awards Number One Jeweler in Cincinnati for Four Consecutive Years

Photo by Rebecca Hendrixson


Cindy Lange was just 14 years old when she began working at her father’s business, Eddie Lane’s Diamond Showroom.

“I’d get dropped off by the school bus and work from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., usually filing papers,” says Cindy. Over time, she worked her way up the totem pole, doing inventory, paying bills, heading up accounts receivable and accounts payable. Through it all, she learned a lot about the business. Still, she wasn’t sure sales was the path for her. She wanted to spread her wings, so she studied to become a college professor. Though she loved teaching, she felt pulled back toward the business she had grown up in. Given that she and her father shared the same vision for Eddie Lane’s, she became the vice president of the store. Then when her father retired in 2015, Cindy bought the business.

As Cincinnati’s hometown jeweler for almost five decades, Eddie Lane’s is a longtime, multi-generational family business that threw a big bash to celebrate both loyal customers and new friends this past summer. Complete with fabulous food, delicious drinks and a roomful of smiling people, it was a splendid affair that was attended by approximately 80 guests.

“My husband, a gourmet chef, cooked all the food and spared no expense to treat the crowd to mouth-watering treats,” says Cindy. “I came into the kitchen and he’s making these appetizers with crab on top, and it’s not imitation crab, but rather King crab legs!”

The room was abuzz with laughter and great conversation as the Eddie Lane staff milled about, warmly greeting every person in attendance, making sure they felt at home. The inviting atmosphere made guests who had never before shopped at Eddie Lane’s feel like long-time customers.

“I don’t want to go anywhere else from now on,” many commented. And it was all because of the long-time staff who collectively have 100+ years of experience in fine jewelry sales with Eddie Lane’s Diamond Showroom. The majority of the employees have been with the company for more than 18 years. They listen to the needs of the customer, provide solutions, and treat guests like family.

“These are professional career jewelers and salespeople who have educated themselves on the merchandise and have a lot of pride in what they do. They know this industry,” says Cindy. “Once somebody comes into Eddie Lane’s, they’re not going to buy anywhere else.”

In fact, Cindy still does business with a man who moved to Texas years ago.

“Every year for Christmas he and I email pictures of merchandise back and forth to each other. He doesn’t go to anybody else,” says Cindy. “We have a lot of loyal customers who still shop with us even though they no longer live in the city.”

Eddie Lane’s, which has been named by the city’s Consumers’ Choice Awards as the number one jeweler in Cincinnati for the past four consecutive years, primarily sells GIA – certified loose diamonds in every size and shape. They offer a wide inventory of bridal engagement and wedding rings as well as an extensive inventory of fashion jewelry, pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings in diamonds, pearl and colored stones.

“When you buy a diamond, it should be a memorable experience,” says Cindy. “Young guys need to be led nicely, and I pride myself on keeping people on budget. We don’t try to sell them something that they have to pay off over the next five or six years.”

Though Cindy took over the business three years ago, her dad, 80, still comes into work every day – partly because old habits die hard and partly because he just loves it.

“Every morning we sit in Dad’s office and chat about what my kids and my dogs are up to,” says Cindy. “He brings me my papers. I bring him his drink. It’s nice.”

Clearly Eddie is proud that his daughter has taken the reins and continues to beautifully run the business. It’s not always easy. There are other jewelers in the Cincinnati area, not to mention internet competition. But Cindy’s not worried.

“When it comes to a buying something special like a diamond ring, you don’t want to click on it online and put it in your cart,” she says. “After all, it’s a purchase of love.”

A number of people told Steve Wanamaker, founder and CEO of Venue Magazine, that this was the best launch party they had ever attended.

“We had people who stayed all night long,” says Cindy. “For instance, there was a group of five guys who all bought their engagement rings here and they were having a great time.”

Patty Youkilis, publisher of Key Magazine Cincinnati, was pleased she could attend.

“It was the perfect venue, filled with beautiful jewels, amazing food, and a stellar group of attendees,” says Youkilis. “Always fun to run into fellow business owners and be able to chat about our great city! Shopping...noshing....catching up. Loved the event!”