Doni Flanigan Changing Cincinnati One Home at a Time

Photography by Tracy Doyle


Venue magazine and Doni Flanigan are honored to present some of the women who routinely make a difference in the lives of many. They are tireless givers of themselves, and in doing so, enrich us all and make our lives better. We salute their selflessness and compassion for others!


No one thought it could be done, but Doni Flanigan did it.

The world-renowned interior designer, design artist and master builder, recently tackled the gutting and remodeling of Cincinnati’s third-largest home and completed it, in his signature state-of-the art splendor, in just three months.

Well, three months and two weeks, to be exact. But who’s counting? The owners are overjoyed with the outcome, Flanigan says.

“They had interviewed several building contractors and interior designers in Cincinnati, and everyone was convinced it was a two-year project,” he says. “They literally had four months (to vacate their old house after it sold), and they gave me three.

What ensued was a combination of controlled chaos and complete pandemonium, as Flanigan and his talented 24-member crew of artists (from Los Angeles and Cincinnati) took apart and resurrected to perfection the 18,000-square-foot home that has six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The next phase will involve the 4,000-square-foot basement, which will include a bowling alley, gym and home theater.

The historically designed mansion had a very hodge-podge Midwest contemporary look to it before Flanigan worked his magic. “I borrowed from historical French and Italian designs, and modernized it a little with Beverly Hills flair,” he says. “It was hard work. We worked seven days a week. I have never done so much in so little time in my life.”

Not that Flanigan – often referred to as “the cowboy from L.A.” – is any stranger to the hard work, dedication and passion it takes to construct and rebuild masterpieces here and around the world. His biggest project involved the Four Seasons resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has also painted airplanes and multi-million-dollar race boats.

But gutting and rebuilding a beautiful mansion in just three months?

“They had faith in me and I did it,” says Flanigan. And he never doubted for a minute that he could.

“I came to Cincinnati to conquer the city,” he says. “That’s just my nature. I’m taking over, one house at a time.”


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